My name is Allegra, I am a 21 year old living currently residing within a small town in Maine. Welcome to The Bats & Rabbits, a blog dedicated to beauty, fashion and lifestyle. 

I started the Bats & Rabbits blog in 2012 after pulling an all nighter during the summer. To me then, 5:00 AM seemed like the "perfect" time to start a blog and since then it has grown from just a early morning creative impulse to a full blown passion and direction I want to keep walking down.  
     True to heart I am a creative, I love to create and dabble and play. Blogging has become my main creative outlet where I can keep tapping into outlets and grow. 

Primarily, I am a beauty blogger. Most of what you will find on here is all about makeup, reviews of products and other content related to the beauty world. However, as I grow and as this blog grows I have enjoyed writing about other things besides makeup like fashion, and advice and even a DIY thrown in there from time to time. 


xo - A 
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