Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Recap //

Hello all! 
2014, was a big year for me. The year turned I 21, the year I traveled out west for the first time, getting my first *real job on my own at The Body Shop, deciding to change schools and the year I started getting much more serious about blogging. There were parts of this year that were difficult and parts that were absolutely amazing. I thought I would briefly review them here as a good reflection. For this post I am not going in chronological order I am starting with a monumental moment and going on from there. 


 Going to California along with my best friend was one of the most monumental parts of this year. It was a grand adventure that will never be forgotten. I still keep having flashbacks to San Diego and how wonderful and beautiful it was. How unbelievable and surreal it felt when Brittney (best friend) and I first walked into Disneyland, seeing LA with my cousin. So many adventures spent in a magical seven days. Brittney and I both yearn to go back. Hopefully someday soon it was amazing. 

21 // 
May 1st I turned 21 this year. But, still sticking to character I threw a garden party instead of the customary "drinking fun" that normally occurs when someone turns 21 here in the US. 
I love organizing and decorating for parties and gatherings, making things look pretty. This was quite an unforgettable birthday. 

Summertime //
I feel quite strongly that this summer was one of the best. Besides going to California in June, there was lots of beach and lake visiting/swimming, pizza eating (yum) swirled cones of ice cream  after dusk, drive in movies and lots of time spent with friends it was amazing! 
Quite a summer to remember.

School + The Bodyshop //

My third year of Community College was not filled with particularly happy memories. I was going though a lot of personal hardship. I didn't feel like myself most days. After summer was over there was suddenly a lot on my plate. Although, one of those things was a great moment which was earning my job at The Bodyshop. I had tried tirelessly to get a job throughout the summer with no luck. 
I finally got a lucky break at the store with "Beauty and heart" its been pretty fun working there. I have a strength for communicating with people and listening to what their desires are. However, the juggle between work and school + life was stressful on me and did not feel like myself. And throughout the fall I had to make lots of decisions so I could change my future. 

Autumn //

We had a beautiful fall this year. I didn't get to fully embrace it all because of my packed schedule. But there were little small moments like taking a trip to the apple orchards that helped me slow down and appreciate this autumn. Normally, I celebrate Halloween in a big way by throwing a party annually but due to my schedule I simply wasn't able to accomplish that this year. I was pretty bitter about it at the time. I tried to just keep focusing on school work. I enjoyed my photography class a good deal, getting a better grasp of my DSLR and photoshop. I got to use that as a creative plugin when I wasn't able to blog. 

Photoshoots //

One of my favorite pieces of work I put together for my photography class was this series I did with my best friend. I loved the way these came out. I did her styling and makeup in  this shoot we tried a couple of different looks but when I took this scarf that I had lying around and gave it to her as a garment she changed into a different character. I darkened up her makeup and roughed up her hair and all of a sudden she was something fierce. Brittney, also happens to be a theatre major so getting emotion and personality was a pretty easy task. By the end of the photoshoot she let down her hair and smeared her makeup, she began to sing and I captured this last shot which I think really captures Brittney's genuine and passionate nature. 

The Holidays and Now //

The holidays this year were a little crazy. My life kinda revolved around working. Retail during Christmas time is certainly not an easy ordeal but aside from lacking some holiday spirit at the beginning. Christmas was still fun. It felt even sweeter to see my family and spend time with them. It was also a green Christmas this year! To some might be sad but I personally dislike the snow so it was a big plus for me! ( hehe) 
And now here we are 2014 is all over now and we are living in the year 2015. I am going to work hard in 2015 just like I did this year towards my goals. I am going to a new school, continue to improve my blog, continue to work on living a healthy and happy lifestyle and reach higher each day.

Thank you all so much for joining me this year. Improving and authoring this blog gives me a lot of pride. I love all of you so much. I hope 2014 treated you well and I hope 2015 treats you even better.
 Never give up on your dreams and goals, even small steps towards your goals and dreams is meaningful.

Happy New Year! 

- A 

Let me know what your resolutions for this year are? What are your plans to achieve them? Tell me in the comments below! 


  1. happy new year to you too! looks like you had such a great 2014! ive always wanted to travel to California, im hoping to do so this summer! also the photoshoot with your friend is great :) id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Thank you! It was a pretty good year overall! California was amazing. I was actually born there but was raised in Maine my whole life. Going there made me feel like I had a second home. I hope to go back there soon. If and when you visit San Diego was paradise! and also a little more calming than Los Angeles. Perhaps, next time I go I will be able to explore more Northern California like San Fransisco!
      - Allegra

  2. Yay!! How fantastic! Congrats in a wonderful year <3 what new school are you going to?

    1. I will be attending Harvard Extension School. ( which is essentially just Harvard that costs less hahah) with Chase on the 28th of this month! A little intimidating but I am ready for change!!
      I hope the start to your year has been great so far!
      Lots of love!!
      - Allegra


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