Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WED// My Most Used Palette At The Moment

Happy "Hump" Day friends.
Its safe to say that the ship has long sailed when it comes to The Naked palette from Urban Decay. Its kinda crazy that Urban Decay has an entire line of Naked branded products : Three eyeshadow palettes, cheek palettes, lip glosses, Naked On The Run, foundation, etc and yet it all started with this little beauty. 
When this first released I was not even into makeup as much as I am today. I thought it was so crazy that there were so many people clamoring for this thing. 

But now I think I know why.. 

Since having it I have been using it non-stop. My other palettes have taken a little break. I took this with me on my recent vacation to Florida and didn't bring any other shadows (that is huge because I love me some eyeshadow). I almost feel as if I don't need to describe how it preforms but I will briefly just in case.

There are twelve shades in total ranging from a champagne color to gunmetal. The pigmentation is wonderful. There is a mix of shimmery shades, glitter and matte shades, they are very smooth on the eye and build up well too. 

I tend to gravitate more towards the left side of the palette with the browns and golds and lighter colors since I don't normally wear a dark smoky eye day to day. I do dip into the shade "Toasted" quite a bit however, which makes me think this pinky purple shade is what helped them devise the also popular Naked 3 palette. My favorite colors in this palette are: Virgin, Naked, Buck, Half Baked and Toasted
As far as packaging is concerned I am not too crazy over it. I know I am not alone in disliking the texture of faux velvet (ick). Plus the fact that once this starts collecting dust particles on the top there is little you can do to make it look clean again. 

I know this palette has been talked about to death but I its been a solid favorite for a while and felt like talking about it because I have been using it so much. It was a wonderful investment and if you are considering picking one up I would highly recommend it. 

Now my question for you is..Do you own any of the Naked Palettes? If you do which one is your favorite and why? Let me know in the comments below! I am eager to hear! 

 I hope everyone is doing well and having a great week so far 

See you soon! 

- A 


  1. I have Naked 3 as I have pale skin and blue eyes and the colours just complement my skin tones perfectly! I really want to try out Naked 2 x

    1. I owned the Naked 3 palette first, ( thats what started it all haha). The rose gold theme really appealed to me being a blue eyed pale skinned lady. The looks were very romantic <3 I thought I disliked the Naked 2 out of all three because I prefer warmer toned eyeshadows but now that I reach for the silvery taupe shade in the Naked 1 constantly now I am torn! Haha!
      I say go for it Caitlin!
      As they say " you only live once!" xo
      - A

  2. Whenever I go to Sephora I'm looking at them...I'd like to buy one, not that I really need it though! I always tend to return to a few favorite eyeshadows of mine (either orange or taupe)...but it's been ages since I owned a palette (and mind you most of the times it was gifted).

    I've read countless reviews on all three...I made a post about them for God's sake and still haven't made up my mind.

    But from what I gather No1 has a little bit of everything (while 2 is more muted browns and 3 is Pink).
    So I don't know?!?!

    1. Your comment delights me because I can totally relate to what I like to call "Makeup stalking at Sephora" I get products that I want in my head and I stalk Sephora ( repeatedly) to look at them, swatch them, read about them, etc. When I got my first high-end palette ( I think that might have been the Naked 3 but don't quote me on that) it was all over. I love collecting eyeshadow palettes. However, I don't necessarily condone that behavior mind you ;)

      -Naked 3 is the most unique bunch out of the three "Nakeds" but since they are all rose toned that can be limiting. It is gorgeous don't get me wrong but if you want more versatility I would go for either 1 or 2. I chose the Naked 1 because I am more of a "warm toned" eyeshadow gal and the Naked 2 has more cool tones within it. ( that being said I am kinda wanting the Naked 2 now..) But Naked 1 is amazing and since this post it is still the ONLY palette I have been wanting to reach for ( and thats saying something. I am addicted to eyeshadow! haha)

      I hope I didn't make the choice harder for you! xoxo
      - A


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