Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday Minute// Compartes Chocolatier

Morning all! 
So its quite a bit late for Valentines Day chocolate. Around the time I was planning on posting this Monday Minute. However, its never too late for chocolate! I say, even though we are just about done with February and moving ahead to March (Thanks USPS!)I am still excited to share with you this delicious treat. So if you just want to come with me into this world of "pure imagination"~ lets talk sweets.

Compartes Chocolatier 

"Founded in 1950, Compartes Chocolatier has been a Los Angeles tradition for over 60 years. Pulling together European chocolate techniques, recipes and artistry to the US. Helmed by chocolate prodigy Jonathan Grahm, one of the most prolific chocolatiers in the country. Compartes creates premium gourmet chocolate mixed with unique flavor profiles and artistic packaging all in house, made from scratch daily using all natural ingredients."

After being introduced to the brand through Ingrid Nilsen, ( aka Missglamorazzi on Youtube) I was typing into my google search faster than you could probably even say the word "chocolate". I was mesmerized by all the enticing and interesting sounding flavors. Here are just a few some examples:

Donuts & Coffee - broken up donuts, milk chocolate and organic coffee grounds

California Love- dark chocolate, pretzels 

Cereal Bowl- white chocolate, cornflakes, marshmallows 

The Drive In - milk chocolate, candy corn, kettle corn, and caramelized movie popcorn 

JAPAN- white chocolate, matcha green tea 

ITALY- white chocolate, olive rosemary 

My best friend and I ordered one bar for each of us. I chose the flavor "Biscuits & Honey" which is a limited edition flavor that is a mix of homemade buttermilk biscuits, raw organic honey mixed into a dark chocolate bar. My friend got another limited edition flavor that is since sold out called, "Beach Sprinkles"- white chocolate, mixed with homemade organic butterscotch and rainbow sprinkles. The design on the packaging was in collaboration with artist Gray Malin. That design is actually a photography print which I thought was rather impressive. The sprinkles in the chocolate are supposed to represent the colorful people depicted in the print. Pretty neat huh? 

These chocolates do not come cheap, $9.95 per bar plus shipping and all that jazz. But, they sure are a delectable treat and also a really nice gift for someone. 

Compartes also do homemade custom truffles, and some jam jars including a Salted Caramel Brûlée Sauce ( mmm..don't get me started). 

So is your sweet tooth aching yet? Mine sure is! I might have a little bit of my chocolate after posting this.

I hope you all are having a sweet Monday! 

Treat Yourself? Compartes Chocolatier Website 

*this post is not sponsored 


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    1. Hey Lauren, your comment made me laugh a little and also feel sad. Now I feel compelled to send you some! <3

  2. Just when I was going to reach for an apple to snack on I see this post about chocolate.... Now I'm craving some chocolate :)

    1. Haha! well they do say chocolate is "healthy" ;)


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