Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Minute// Kinfolk Magazine Issue 16 " The Essentials"

A little while ago I wrote a Monday Minute post on Kinfolk Magazine. Last time it was their Winter Issue and this time, minus the issue I didn't talk about; ( issue fifteen The Entrepreneurs Issue. An issue which I should talk about at some point because that issue had some amazing articles inside. That I would love to share with you all). Anyway, this issue focuses on "Essentials" and what it means to be an "Essentialist". Now, your probably wondering what that means. "Essentially" it is a divergent of Minimalism but instead of a lifestyle of cutting down to whatever is classified as the "bare bones" now is about the focus on the items or routines, foods you eat, etc that are essential to you. They are the "meat" of yourself, and really show you what is important to you. For example, a piece of paper you found in some special place while on a trip holds significance to you, no one else. 

" Deciding what is essential in our lives isn't about paring back our belongings and forgoing our beloved but unnecessary frivolities: Instead of determining how little we can live with, its about working out what we simply can't live without" 

Some of the articles you will find in issue sixteen include:

- The Essential Non Essentials // Introduction to Essentialism Lifestyle

- A Taste of Home // essay about how sometimes it takes half a continent and an expensive toaster to realize the culinary commodities you hold dear

- The Cloud Appreciation Society // interview with Gavin Pretor Pinney, founder of the Cloud Appreciation society speaks about his mission to rebrand clouds. " There's no need to head to a far flung beach or a cabin in the woods to disconnect: You just need to look up." 

- The Best Medicine // photo essay about the unifying simple joy of laughter

- Traces of Summer // photo essay " There's too much freedom to be embraced on the most successful dog days to fret over cleanliness or perfect presentation, even if that means leaving the house with unmade beds, watermelon rinds piled on the front porch and grass stained clothing."

+ more 

Reading some of these articles made me really think about my own essentials.. every morning I love to have egg and avocado on toast, tea is an essential and also makeup is essential to me because I love to apply it on, also wifi...maybe. 

What are some of your essentials? I am curious to know

If you are interested in Kinfolk I encourage you to check out their website :

I hope you all are having a great start to your week and I will talk to you all next time.

- A


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