Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello my dears
I bid you a welcome as sweet as honey.
I have always admired bloggers from a far enjoying a good read, and a peek into someone else's world.
From this day forward I am letting you peek into my own little world. 
Whether that be photos of my day to day tidings and fashions or a bit of inspiration found elsewhere that I desire to share. 
I suppose first off we should start with an formal introduction before I get too carried away.

My name is Allegra
It's of Italian origin meaning joy or lively and it can also refer to Lord Byron's daughter Allegra.
My mother took a love of the name however from a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow called the Children's Hour ( written in 1860) 

"From my study I see in the lamplight,
Descending the broad hall stair,
Grave Alice, and laughing Allegra,And Edith with golden hair"

I believe that title had an influence on my spirit for it is and has been free spirited, lively and happy. I always love to laugh.
I live in Maine, otherwise known as Vacation Land, due to it's perfect summers that
many sought refuge from all the sweltering southern parts of America.
( and also an escape from Yellow Fever -whoop whoop- )
We are known for our lobster and and blueberries. We are also known as the " Pine Tree State" because our state is the least densely populated area east of the Mississippi and instead of people our inhabitants consist of trees. 
I live in a small "no name" town called Buxton which is pretty close to our most urban area 
fun fact: Portland, ME was rated #5 top hipster city in America.)
In Buxton there lies an adjoining part of it called Bar Mills, an alcove if you will which is where the farm house in which I call home is located at the very end of a dead end road, across a small bridge and atop a hill. It was built circa 1700 and holds about 150 acres of land from which you can see a small glimpse of the Saco River.
I have lived in this house for all 20 years of my life so far with my family and also with my puppy dog named Dinah and also a horse named Daisy.

Like the Baroque art period I see myself in dramatic contrasts of darkness and light.
It all started off with becoming apart of what is known as the Goth subculture. This opened many doors into my own self discovery. From there I found my love of spooky things and aesthetics of a macabre nature. Which then led to a love of the Victorian era from which strung together my love of antiques and oddities/curios and vintage circuses and other elaborate furnishings and fashions. Then, comes the bridge with my love of an interior design style called Shabby Chic or cottage style and tying in with that a love of nature and girlish customs like tea parties.
My occupation aspiration is to someday own my own business. 
( more on this topic later) 
At the current time I docent training at a historical home museum in Portland called the :
Victoria Mansion. 

( owned by THIS GUY : Ruggles Slyvester Morse!) 
Isn't his name adorable?
I have always wanted to be a docent at the mansion since the first time I set my foot inside of it 
and now I finally have got the chance! ( whoodathunkit!)

I hope you enjoyed learning quite a bit about me and about my life here.
I hope you all are having an enjoyable afternoon. 
                    ~ A

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