Thursday, June 20, 2013

Outfit Of The Afternoon : The Victoria Mansion


            The Little Details 
  •  Crimson Lace Patterned Frock : Burlington Coat Factory
  •   Overly Cozy Black Cardigan : A gift from my mother
  •  Black and Ivory Wicker Sunhat : My Sisters Garage Vintage 
  •  The Accessories : A string of pearls from my sister, a silver locket also from my sister and a bat skull necklace. And an ring created from a vintage camera lens.
  •  Opaque black stockings : Supermarket and Beaten up and worn out ankle high boots : Forever 21    
            I always try and dress elegantly and today is no different. Especially when headed for the mansion and then a weekend event not too soon after.
 This is one of my most favorite frocks because it flares out in a most flattering fashion that I wish more stores would carry dresses like these. 
I also adorned my new favorite topper that seems to go well with everything I wear, especially so in the summer time. It also protects the top of my head from getting baked. 

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