Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Shoes! Review!

Recently a pair of beloved shoes completely fell apart.
Apparently I loved them too much! 
In turn it was time to get some new shoes and because of that search I was able to discover a really great website for said shoes. 
A friend and I were browsing to see where all the fashionable people got their shoes
and with one click we discovered this site.
The shoe selection was really great!
Lots of styles to suit many tastes and occasions.

Here were my selections!

For the most part I wear boots exclusively but I have been on the search for a long time for oxfords because they are ultra cute for the style I strive for. 
These oxfords have a very masculine look to them which is a great contrast to a more feminine style.
On the tip and heel of the shoe it has a red burnish detail and right before the heel there is a band of gold, all are very cute details. 

The other pair I got were these pointy suckers. They are witchy to me and I like it.
The other selling point are the spikes on the heels.
No stranger danger for me wearing these! 
These one are a little tight right now but I think they will be more comfortable with wear.

Did I mention these shoes were ultra affordable! 
I believe they were in the 26 to 28 dollar range
There was also a deal code going on so I practically got one of these pairs for free! 

If you are in need of affordable shoes I would recommend 
they also have pretty great fashion picks as well. 

I hope you all are having a great SUNDAE 
( see what I did there :p) 
MNML THING #18 Milkshake

~ A

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