Monday, September 30, 2013

It Is Going To Be October

Hello my dears.
I woke up with a definite case of the "Monday's"
its pretty severe.  
Even on this beautiful autumnal day.
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Speaking of which.


Oh yes. The busiest month in the year for me.
Do any of you have particularly busy months? 
I have had to write a pretty big list of goals to achieve this month.
There are movies to watch, things to eat, places to go, work to be done! 
Plump pumpkins to be carved! 

By the end of every October I am totally beat and ready to just be fed some Thanksgiving dinner, made by someone else. That someone being my mum! 

For the this past month I have been completely obsessed with what I think of as a 
blogger lifestyle. 
With beautiful photos of everyone's day to day life.
Their routines, the things they enjoy, the things we as people do, documented for everyone to enjoy.
Bloggers, design things and create things that are apart of them and spread it everywhere.
Bloggers share things and do things to motivate and inspire.
Even when they do not mean to. 

I want to keep that as a goal to myself for this blog as I try and water it 
and nurture it as it just starts to sprout. 

With that being said now. 
I would like to be more consistent with posting and attempt my first 
blog schedule.
I was thinking of having it start at two posts a week. 
As I get the ball rolling I will extend that to three. 

I am excited to put more focus into this blog. 
Maybe perhaps I will achieve my coveted,
blogger lifestyle.

Wish me luck with my endeavors!
I wish you luck on your endeavors and journey's as well! 
Have a beautiful start to October tomorrow!

- A 

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