Monday, October 14, 2013

Columbus Day Discoveries : Belated Fancy Friday Findings!

Hello my dears,
I have plenty of excuses as to why there was yet another absence of the F F F post.
However, I am just going to make it up today.

Here we go! 

Captivating at Cocktail Hour Dress, #ModCloth

First off is this delectable dress, from Modcloth I love the cut and shape 
and of course that is a black dress with white lace details.
That seems to be my alley.

Porcelain coyote skull with 14 k gold teeth by Porcelainskulls, $175.00

Another thing that is right up my alley and perhaps yours as well is this :
I think this piece would make lovely, eye catching home decor.

Apothecary Jar  70 Skull Shaped Sugar Cubes  1 Large by dembones, $50.00

In spirit of the season why don't you have some adorable
Plop one of these cute guys in your tea or coffee, let his mischievous smile sweeten your day.
Plus this one is in a cute apothecary jar~

Black Bat Brooch Set - Halloween Vampire Bat - Vintage Illustations - Unisex Pins - Under 15

These bat brooches by MySelvegedLife are so cute!
I just want to swoop down, pick one up to place it on the heart of a cardigan to send my heart a 

Halloween Chalkboard Blackboard Eco Chic Ring by cocodelayinc, $14.00

I admit it, I am obsessed with the chalkboard trend.
These rings, by cocodelyinc are simply delightful. Plus you can draw anything in them! 

That is all that I have for you today!
I hope that those of you who had a day off today that you enjoyed it immensely!
See you later in the week!


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