Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tunes from the Phonograph: October Edition

Hello my dears.
We seemed to have missed our Fancy Friday Findings post!
Ah well, this upcoming Friday is sure to a bountiful amount of goodies to look and covet.
Today, it is time to share some October tunes.
Queue the phonograph!

Song: Blood
Artist : The Middle East

I discover most of my favorite songs through Spotify. 
I believe its the best database for music and perfectly easy to use.
I have been really into a " folk" like sound lately.
I am sure you have noticed.
It all started off with the lovely band, Fleet Foxes, probably before that but it became quite strong then.
This song has a very bitter sweet feel to it. 
I find it a good song to walk to.

Song : Early Autumn 
Artist: Joe Lovano

I really have a love for some jazz.
I have two jazz musicians in my family.
Perhaps it was all those times around holiday time when I would be in the kitchen helping my mom
create holiday goodies and we would be listening to jazz.
It always makes me feel so warm and cozy and quite calm as well. 
It also sounds nice to listen to while drinking tea or coffee.
You can pretend you are at a cafe.

Song: Undercover Martyn 
Artist: Two Door Cinema Club

I heard this song on a radio station and I could not catch what it was.
I had been searching for a long time because it had given me such a happy vibe.
I think this might be the perfect song for a road trip with friends, or just a great driving song in general.
Maybe, I am just overly influenced by all those indie movies that use songs like this all the time to emphasize youthful, euphoria. 

Song : La Grande
Artist : Laura Gibson 

Yet another, Spotify artist discovery.
I recently bought Laura Gibson's "La Grande" album and it has been playing in my car 
for a couple weeks now. There are a couple songs on there that I would consider a favorite but this is the song that started it off. 
Again it has that folk-ish vibe. That feeling that you are out in the plains or the prairie with tall golden wheat and having many adventures, fearing nothing! and setting out to the wild blue yonder!
It's a great track I hope you check her out. 

Song: Dents 
Artist: The Acorn

Last song I am sharing today is this one. 
Just discovered this one the other day.
Following in suit of the other, folk-y, bitter sweet sounding songs I have shared today. 

That concludes what I am going to share with you today because, later I will be cranking out the "phonograph" again 
this month with some Halloween tracks to help get you in the..
Spirit~ of Halloween.
( buahahahaha!) 

See you guys on Friday~
I hope you are all having a great week!

~ A 

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