Friday, October 18, 2013

Fancy Friday Findings! October 18th

Hello my dears.
Its that  fancy time of the week again!
Lets get started.

Cream velvet flower crown flower garland Lana Del Ray by rougepony, £25.00

First off is the velvet flower crown modeled above.
I am aware you can make your own flower crown too but I also honestly really love this photo.

northbound scarf // butterscotch // wool acrylic by lakeandtower, $48.00 
I have a problem when it comes to cowl scaves. I have a couple and still require more in different colors I like. This cowl scarf is no short of amazing. I love the burnt orange color and the tasseled bottom.
It would for sure keep you warm and toasty! 

The Circus, #ModCloth

This book sounds so amazing. 
544 pages of the vibrant history of the great American circus
and over 650 photos and illustrations to look at. 
My bookshelf is trying to magically conjure this book into it. 

The Definition of Darling Wallet, #ModCloth

It looks like an old french dictonary but in actuality it is a fantastic wallet.
Made out of vegan faux leather.
You are sure to look sophisticated if you are carrying this around.
Victorian Spirit  Vanilla Amber Perfume  by TheParlorApothecary, $38.00

The last item of the day is this perfume from The Parlor Apothecary 
This scent is called Victorian Spirit.
The scent description says that this evokes the mystery of times past.
Woodsy notes of amber blended with creamy vanilla and apricot create a warm and sweet aroma with an earthy undertone.
I don't know about you but I really enjoy the sound of that.
Plus the old fashioned atomizer pump is quite appealing as well.

That is all I have to share today!
I hope your Friday is wonderful and that you enjoy it!

~ A

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