Tuesday, April 29, 2014

F O U N D A T I O N- R E V I E W : Tarte Amazonian Clay Mineral Foundation


Hello my dears, hope you are all well. Today I finally bring you another foundation review! Featuring: 
Tarte's Amazonian Clay Airbrush Mineral Foundation

A little while ago I picked this up during Sephora's 15% VIB sale. I was intrigued by all the rave reviews I had heard about it and wanted to try it out myself.
I don't tend to be a mineral foundation girl, they usually don't give me the right amount of coverage and usually the packaging gets to me. Having to use the plastic sifters 
(not getting enough product out or way too much and thus getting powder all over you. ugh.) I just have had bad luck with powder foundation however after some research I was read to give this guy a try. 

   I wanted to highlight Tarte's impeccable    packaging on this product first and foremost because it addresses one of my biggest problems with loose mineral foundations. It  has a net sifter! When you push down with     your brush the product transfers on the brush.  The cover also has a stopper so product does not get out when you travel with it! The rest of the design is really pretty too with     Tarte's famous "bamboo look" and the container looks like frosted amber glass. Really sleek and down to earth. I like!

Color Range
I really like Tarte's color range for this product with 11 different shades to choose from with both pink + yellow + neautrel undertone choices.
Tarte has made it pretty easy to find your shade which most of us would find convenient. I am in the shade : fair honey ( fair skin with peach undertones) ( because I am a fair and pale lady!)

  The application is simple but I was  persnickety about the brush that is supposed to be used with this product. The "airbuki"  kabuki brush. I thought I could get away using this foundation with my Real Techniques Buffing brush and I tested it out for a couple weeks. 
It worked okay, it didn't help me spread the powder evenly across my face. I wasn't convinced so eventually I caved and got the    "airbuki" which is the one that works better  of the two but it wasn't a drastic  difference. I might have lived without it but  hey, its also super cute. (Whaddya goin do?) 

Alright, so as I was using this upon first application I made a very contemplative face while looking at the mirror. Unlike, my Sephora Airbrush Liquid base, this product does not make the face look flawless in the first few seconds you wear it. It might even leave you unimpressed. HOWEVER, when you have finished the rest of your makeup and you have let everything set in it starts looking better...then maybe a few hours later. It 
looks mighty impressive. I am not sure what 
kind of sorcery is in this but this product really does look better with wear! 


Besides the sorcery of looking better with wear the finish is just... natural!
 It just looks like skin when you put it on. Does not look powdery or "cakey" and I don't find it makes me too shiny. Along with that note this product does last relatively long on the skin. At least on my skin which is ( dry/combination skin) It just looks nice, nothing more to say about that. 

And lastly comes the price of this baby. Which retails for $36.00. Right in the middle of the road I think. 
However, then you have to tack on the price of the brush which is $26 on it's own which is why I was kinda persnickety about it..( it feels like highway robbery.) 
When it comes down to it the foundation is very worth the price and the brush...maybe not. But, I will leave that to your own discretion. 

That is all I have about this product! 
Let me know what you think in the comments down below and please don't be afraid to send me a tweet about anything and everything!


See ya later! 

- A 


  1. I would really love to try this. I heard of it a while ago on a youtube video, but this has really convinced me to give it a go! x

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  2. This is on my list of products to try next and I want to get it soon for the summertime as I like to use a lot more powder like finishes and no heavy makeup that will just melt off my face. I'm wondering if the Tarte buffing brush would work better than the airbuki? Found your blog on the #Bbloggers Blog Hop :D


  3. I really loved this foundation it just wasn't light enough for me. :(


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