Sunday, May 4, 2014

S U N// Mini Chanel Samples & Updates

Hello my dears! Happy Sunday! 
Today the weather is just really bipolar. 
One minute its sunny and the next minute the wind is gusting, the rain is spattering on the walkway, then the next minute it's hailing! 
(Yes, hailing.. -sigh- gotta love Maine..)

We are officially in the month of May now. I know that well since my birthday falls on May Day! Yes, on Thursday, May 1st I turned 21. 
(*wine glass clinking*) 
Now I didn't go wild & crazy. I am a little bit of an ol' granny. The club or bar scene is not really me. Not that I dislike social gatherings. Oh no! if I could host a fancy tea party once I week I would be one happy gal!!


On my birthday I was still doing normal stuff like going to class (boo!) and picking up the mail. The exciting stuff was dabbled throughout the afternoon and had a wonderful climax with a wonderful dinner at a hibachi grill + gelato. 

I got some lovely gifts from people including some beautiful teacups and some "antique" snowdrop bulbs from my tutor which we planted in the front yard together.I received a book that I had always wanted called Couture Prairie by Rachel Ashwell. And my mom made me my own blog business cards! 
( Plus, I am going on that special trip in June, more on that later!

Darling Chanel Samples

Some other updates come from trying out some baby samples from Chanel. I rarely go to department store makeup counters anymore. I don't know what has happened to me, I guess I just got used to places like Sephora and Ulta where they leave you to your own devices for the most part. However, after reading her blog and watching her Youtube videos,the lovely Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup x. Inspired me to check out the Vitalumiere Aqua foundation by Chanel. The lady at the counter was really lovely. I told her I was a beauty blogger and she gave me a couple other samples to try! 
(how sweet!)  

I was always weary about the Vitalumiere Aqua because I have very troubled skin and I thought since the consistency is rather liquidy I assumed I wouldn't get along with it. However I have not found that the case, as I have been trying out this little darling sample. The coverage is really build- able and beautiful on the skin. It feels ultra light as I thought and leaves a dewy finish. If you are not so much for dewy finishes Chanel just released a matte foundation called Perfection Lumiere Velvet that provides a matte finish. 

Summertime + Special Trip?!

One last exciting update is that the college semester is almost over!! (YAY!) I have this last vigorous week to get through and then I am done for the summer! I am throwing a little birthday party celebration at the end of the month and then when June rolls around my best friend and I are going on the trip of a lifetime to California!!
We bought our tickets yesterday and it still feels pretty surreal! I haven't traveled in so long! I am really excited ( and super nervous!) but mostly just really pumped to finally visit the West Coast. 

That is all for my little update! Feel free to comment below or tweet me! I would love to have a chat with you! 


See ya later


  1. A belated happy birthday, Allegra! I also prefer tea parties to bar and stuff, haha. You've got a very lovely tea cup and plate (in the last picture)! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!


    1. Thank you Lillian! I did have quite a wonderful birthday <3 so sweet of you to say :) x


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