Sunday, April 20, 2014

H A P P Y - E A S T E R!

easter greeting

Happy Easter my dears! I hope all of you enjoyed it.
I love Easter. Not only because bunnies are one of my favorite animals but also because of the memories I hold of Easter.

The Easter bunny would always come and hide candy trapped inside pastel colored eggs all around my house. I would wake up from bed and open my door to be surprised with a large basket full of goodies. But it didn't end there! Those baskets were to be used for hunting! Me v.s. my dad to try and hunt and gather the most candy eggs. I would most often win but we always shared and traded our favorites. Almost like a spring version of Halloween!

Since my parents are away I didn't get to have my Easter tradition sadly, but I did have a wonderful dinner with my sister and cousins and that was fine by me as much as I miss my little tradition. 

The meal we had was delicious and I got to officially try polenta which is really delicious and now I want to have a whack at making it sometime.

The last magical part of the day was at sunset when I spotted a little family of deer in the backyard. 

I have a couple of blog post ideas rolling around in my head. A couple product reviews and another D.I.Y post. 
When it comes to blogging I have been recently just doing a lot of reading and research especially since everything else in my life is in a fast production stage. 
My friend and I are planning a trip to California soon, the school year is ending,It will be my 21st birthday on May 1st!( eeeek!) subsequently I have been planning to have a party later on in the month. That requires lots of planning and working! 
It's all pretty busy as we wrap up and prepare ourselves to  cannonball into summer! 
But do not worry! you will be hearing from me soon! 

See you later everyone! 

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  1. Hope you had a great Easter! :)


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