Saturday, April 12, 2014

D I Y - F L O W E R- C R O W N


   Hello my dears! 
It was a brilliantly warm and sunny day today.
It is almost unbelievable that after all this time of winter dragging its feet along we are FINALLY in the warm part spring. 
Last night, as I was letting the dog out I heard a very familiar sound. I caught the door in mid close and gasped, frightening my friend. It was the sound of peepers out in the backfield of the property. One of my favorite sounds in the entire world reminding me of past cool summer evenings when the sun just sets and the landscape has a light blue cast and the fireflies light start glittering all around. 
I know warm weather has arrived when I can hear the peepers little chirping song. 

I wanted to celebrate this arrival of warmth  by making myself a flower crown. 
I am aware these are very popular there are plenty all around in shops. There are plenty of other tutorials but each method and look is a little different and I wanted to share anyhow.
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 After making a previous flower crown I had a bunch of cool toned blossoms hanging around so I decided to use those. I cut different lengths. The little branches will be very easy to cut because they do not have a big wire running through it. However I find that you might want to cut longer pieces so you can have different lengths covering your flower crown. 
After this, unravel your gold wire and measure around your head to get a estimate of how large you want your crown to be. Cut extra and wrap the extra around in the back of your new gold halo. 

Now, take your green floral wire and start wrapping your flowers around the halo. Don't worry if the gold wire bends a bit because you can just bend it back as your flower crown takes shape. I would advise cutting portions of floral wire and wrapping one stem of flowers at a time. But, you can layer them! And that is where the magic takes form. 
Feel free to add lace or strings of pearls, feathers, whatever suits your fancy~

#diy #handmade #spring
 And then you are done! You can now feel like a pretty spring fairy in your pretty new flower crown! Enjoy!

If you decide to make one of these please tweet me a picture of you and your lovely creations @AllegraShortill I would love to see them! 
Hope you are all enjoying the arrival of warm weather!
See you next time!

- A


  1. Nice post! I've always wanted to try DIY a flower crown, but it seems so complicated :P You made it sound easier though! ;)


  2. Thank you so much Lillian! I am glad I made it sound easier to you. Flower crowns are certainly fun to make!



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