Friday, June 13, 2014

H A U L// Mini MAC Haul


The other day I was feeling really cruddy. I thought I was going to get a job that I had been waiting on but there was another set-back so I am stuck waiting around again. I was so bummed and instead of resorting to eating my feelings I resorted to good o'l retail therapy from M.A.C cosmetics. 
My shopping habits never "look" too out of hand because I don't buy loads all at one time. Its all a facade I tell you! (lies, lies, sitting on a throne of lies!) I am just shopping all the time so I end up collecting a lot but in very small doses. #feelingspendy

MAC Fix + Setting Spray

Firstly, I wanted to get my hands on MAC's  Fix+ setting spray. When I was first interested in makeup, MAC cosmetics was a big deal. It was the only high-end brand I really knew. Their Fix + spray had been something I had wanted to try since then. Now, many years later I have it and I have really been getting on with it. The mist is very fine and gives my skin a nice dewy finish whilst helping to set my makeup. What I really like using it for though is spraying a eye-shadow brush and spreading a wash of color on my eyes. Giving your eyeshadow look a gleaming finish.

MAC Eyeshadow -- Amber Lights 

I was craving some MAC eyeshadows baby. Aw yeah! I am starting that collection baby! I don't see this shade often in other blogger's MAC hauls but I am a sucker for golden eyeshadow. It makes my blue eyes pop! I am sure most of you are aware of MAC's beautiful eyeshadow pigmentation but I will just reiterate that I just barely have to touch the shadow with my brush to get what I need. 

MAC Eyeshadow-- Antiqued 

The other shade I picked up is Antiqued, a deep bronze shade that I think works wonders up in the crease that adds dimension to a eye look. Like above mentioned I only need one *tap* and I am good to go! Plus, being a lover of all things antique I felt this shade needed to be in my beauty arsenal. 

MAC 217 Blending Brush

In the beauty and blogging world there should be a giant book filled with "essential" beauty products every beauty enthusiast should have in their arsenal. I swear it would be massive and also it would probably have this brush listed in there as well. Everyone needs a honest to good blending brush for your eyeshadow. This brush has has fine, densely packed fibers that create a oval shape and it is so soft and nice. It has really changed how my eyeshadow looks because I am able to BLEND baby BLEND! 

And that just about wraps it up for today's post. I hope you all doing well. I am about to leave on my big adventure to California soon! It's very exciting. Though the not so exciting aspect of that is packing....which is where I am at currently. Trying to organize a "What's in my Travel Makeup Bag" or a "Travel essentials post" for you all. We'll just have to see if that gets done in all this craziness. 

I hope all of you are doing well, leave me comments below! Tell me what your favorite MAC products are? I am curious to know! 

I will see you all next time! 
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  1. mac makeup is so gorgeous im jealous! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. I only own a lipstick (Rebel), a tinted lip balm and an eyeshadow palette (holiday edition) from MAC - apart from the lipstick, I wasn't too impressed with them. But I'd like to try some more things from MAC in the future, esp. those with more good reviews! :)


  3. hey there! Love this post and LOVE your blog! I actually have the fix plus spray and just finished it!
    The scent is wonderful :) I actually need to buy so many more mac products--I'm running so low on makeup!
    Anyways, can't wait to see more of your posts! <3
    Hope you're having a lovely Monday!!xx

    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ GIVEAWAY ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

    Creme de la Chic


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