Wednesday, June 11, 2014

J U N E// My Life In Photos #1

I thought I would mix it up today by sharing with you all a sequence of "moments" that happened in recent weeks. I thought it would be a nice change from beauty posts since I aim for this blog to be about beauty & lifestyle. 


 30th :
To start off I am sharing this snapshot of 
peony blossoms I had just picked up at Trader Joe's. They are just so pretty! Even when they are all closed up. 

After a long afternoon I curled up in bed for some good bonding time with Netflix. I decided that I would start watching Portlandia. Which is really a hilarious show that parodies the real life, Portland Oregon. If you were considering watching this show I would highly recommend giving it a go.


I had a bad craving for pizza. More specifically pizza from a local joint called Roma's located at Old Orchard Beach, ME. The owner is a very sweet and humble Italian man  (accent and all) serving authentic Italian pizza. Purely my opinion, but his pizza is probably the best I have ever eaten. I am still having daydreams about it even now.

Later on that night, I celebrated the first ice cream of the summer with my bestie. A soft serve twist cone which I happily devoured in the cool summer night.


Just a " chilling out"a kind of afternoon. I was reading through my first Frankie Magazine ( May & April's issue) and found out you are given this adorable print! Now I just have to find a frame for it. Keep it peachy! 

morbidcupcakes @courtney frederick | Websta
@courtney frederick Instagram photos | Websta

I been very secretive to you all about my side passion for the Japanese fashion style, Lolita. It has been an interest of mine since I was in middle school  and now I am finally apart of a group of lovely girls who love it as well. 
It feels odd to talk about it here. Sometimes, I really do feel my interests and passions make me feel like two separate people entirely. Its hard to explain why I have so many reservations about sharing this side of me on the blog. I feel as though I have made myself an invisible barrier that only allows things that I think fit my blogger aesthetic onto here and filters out anything that does not fit. However, I am trying to get past that and show the true and honest me here. Because my biggest rule I try to uphold to myself is to always be yourself. Part of me is a lolita and I am not afraid to embrace that. Our lolita community went to a local tea house, and had a really nice time. I do love my tea..( I may have drank the whole entire pot.) 

 @courtney frederick Instagram photos | Websta
@courtney frederick Instagram photos | Websta
@courtney frederick Instagram photos | Websta

Summer provides the perfect time to go adventuring. With my two trusty companions alongside me we decided to "get lost" purposefully and go down lots of detour roads. We discovered beautiful mountainsides and little shacks that looked as if magical witches inhabited them. In the neighboring town I spotted an abandoned building that had this gorgeous wall covered in ivy leaves. I demanded a photo shoot. I am so excited about these portraits. I love the texture of the ivy leaves. It really screams "summer" to me because its so lush and green!  
I would encourage all of you to "get lost" take some detours over your traditional routes once in a while. Relish in adventure and take time to absorb it all in.Even if you deal with anxiety like I do a little adventure can be really beneficial. Don't let yourself miss out too many opportunities because, hey life is wonderful! specifically, if you are LIVING it to your fullest. 

That will wrap up this post for today~ I have at least two more posts coming up before I leave for my trip to California! ( yay!) I am a smidgen nervous about flying since I have not flown in so long! Plus it will be my first big trip I will be making without one of my parents or my older sister. (One of the scariest but liberating first experiences a twenty-something could have.) I have yet to pack and I leave the upcoming Monday. EEK! Better get crackin' on that shouldn't I? 

I hope you all enjoyed this little scope into my life and that you are all having a happy week. 

See you all next time! 
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  1. That pizza and ice cream looks GOOOOD! Really love that peonies picture is great, too, love the angle.



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