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M A Y// May's Monthly Favorites!


Goodbye May and hello June! Its sad to say goodbye to one of my favorite months but at the same time I am happy to welcome June and all its wonderful and summery offerings! This month was very exciting my milestone 21st birthday happened on the first of May. Shortly after the school semester finally came to a close, my sister graduated from law school and I hosted a party towards the end. Plus my best friend Brittney and I bought our tickets to California. This month was sweet indeed! Now its time to get into my favorites this month!

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation 

I think this is my third time mentioning this foundation. The first was when I just had the bitty tester, the next when I first purchased it and now after it has been apart of my makeup family for a while. Initially, I was drawn to it because of what I had heard about it in the blogosphere. The pros being that it felt lightweight and amazing on the skin, buildable coverage and all around a great foundation to have in your beauty arsenal. I happen to agree with all those claims and it has been all I have been reaching for foundation wise all this month. 

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

To go along with this foundation I have been using the Real Techniques Blending Brush. Slowly bu surely I have been collecting these brilliant brushes done by Sam + Nic Chapman. All this month I have been defaulting to this brush in particular for all my base products: my foundation and both my under-eye and regular concealer. It just does the most amazing job of seamlessly blending products into the skin. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cheaper alternative for a brush. I mean that is probably the most impressive selling point of this brush. It's so high quality and yet its so affordable so that anyone can have it. 
L I N K 

Hourglass Ambient Light Blush- Diffused Heat

 After waiting weeks upon weeks for this blush to be in stock at my local Sephora it finally came and I nabbed it as quick as you can say "hopscotch" ( good thing I did because the very next day, I kid you not they were sold out again.) This little beaut is a mix of Hourglass's famous Ambient Lighting Powder mixed in with a gorgeous array of blush shades which they have created a marbled effect within. I think it is just gorgeous to look at. No blush has the same pattern, it's all unique. I chose the shade Diffused Heat because I am still always drawn to dramatic things and this color stood out to me compared to it's subdued (but equally pretty counterparts) This blush looks absolutely  beautiful on the cheeks but can quickly go overboard so I always opt to go a little lighter. 
L I N K 

Dove Purely Pampering Pistachio Cream with Magnolia Body Wash  

I don't often include a shower product in my monthly favorites ( I am not sure if I ever have.) Regardless, I have been loving this body wash from Dove. It is honestly just one of the best smells one could slather on their body. Its just yummy and I sort of wish they had a hand cream or something that smelled like this so I could have the scent linger on me a little bit longer throughout the day. 

Cropped Polka Dot Button Down - H&M 

Anyone who is close friends with me knows that at the moment I am having a love affair with clothing that has either stripes or polka dots. I am not sure why this obsession has come about but out of all my recently acquired pieces of "dotted" clothing this cropped button down is my favorite. I have been wearing it all the time. The fabric is so comfortable for the warmer weather and I even wore it to a job interview because it had that balance of being formal because its a collared button down with a twist of hip & chic because of its pattern and the fact that it is cropped ( but not unprofessionally cropped.) 

"I Could Pee On This + And Other Poems by Cats" 

  A birthday gift I received from a friend. He knows I love a good coffee table book and also "silly cat related things" ( who doesn't now a days) It might have a crude title but hey cats can be rather crude in order to get their point across. The poems in here are simple but ridiculously funny and true if you have ever owned or have lived with cats. I myself, do not have a cat but my best friend Brittney has two of them and I have stayed at her house long enough to see the relatable humor in this book. 

( one of my favorites) 

If you have a friend that loves or owns cats I highly suggest you get this book for them as a gift. Or as a gift for yourself! It's a really fun book.
L I N K 

My last favorite which is not pictured above is my new phone. A white Samsung Galaxy S5. My old phone was not doing so well and so it was time to get a new one before my trip so that way I can be ensured a working phone. I have yet to be an I-phone girl I have stuck with android for a while and have no complaints other than not being able to buy phone cases by Rifle Paper Co. This phone is HUGE compared to my last phone. Almost as big as my face! I wasn't sure if I was going to get used to it but after having it a little over a week I am completely used to its largeness. It takes amazing photos and the battery lasts 2X longer than my old phone which seemed to always cop out midday. I have been getting along with it rather well. I thought the transition would be hard because I can be a little too sentimental with things like this but this phone is so amazing the transition was almost easy. 

That concludes my favorites for this month! 
What are your favorites this month? Let me know in the comments below! 

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See you all soon! 
                       - A 


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