Saturday, August 23, 2014

SAT// Link Love

Hello all! I know its been a little bit since my last post! I apologize for that! I do have quite a few post ideas jotted down in my handy dandy planner but I had misplaced my camera battery charger and both of my camera batteries were ka-poot-nik so I couldn't take any photos. ( boo hoo!) and then life kinda got ahead of me as I frantically prepare for back to college on Monday. ( ew.) But, I missed you guys so much! Did you know this blog has reached 200 followers in the past month?! (whaat?!)
I am so incredibly thankful to all of you who have decided to join me in my little corner of the internet, it means a lot! 
Anyways, as I wait to get a new charger I thought I would share some of my favorites from around the web this week! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! 

Burn, Baby, Burn!// This post on the metabolism from The Skinny Confidential was a great visual for me as I have been working harder towards my health and fitness goals these past couple months. 

Stila Cosmetics Got A Chic & Mature Makeover// If you thought you didn't need another eye shadow palette, think again!!These new palettes from Stila are ah-mazing! Just look at that packaging! Plus, the shade range is perfect for fall. I got my eyes on the "Spirit" palette. 

I Am Very Busy!// this pencil case from shop knows what's up. 

Think Happy, Be Happy// Just ordered these two adorable notebooks from Poketo. Just a cute little reminder for the everyday. 

Stay Sassy, Stay Weird// My new blogger friend, Sydney, from the windy city of Chicago has such a great personality! and a equally great blog! Go check her out, she's freaking rad! 

Dreamy Workspaces // Lately, good ol' Pinterest has been fueling my dreams of having a fresh and pretty work space to blog and work. A girl can dream..

- A 

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