Sunday, August 31, 2014

SUN// Link Love #2

Hello everyone! Its finally the weekend! (yay) I will be honest, the transition back to college for me has been pretty rough this past week, I have been nonstop busy. Besides school, I also just landed myself a job at The Body Shop which just no short of amazing. I have already started and I am loving it so far! All the people I work with are so fantastic and nice. However, that is why, regrettably this post is late and its coming to you Sunday instead of Saturday when I originally planned to post these Link Love posts. I hope you can forgive me and the adjustments. I love to blog, it is my driving passion so I don't plan on stopping anytime soon despite school and work taking up more portions of my time. Anyways! Lets get started! 

Let's Talk Body Image//  One of my favorite bloggers, Carrie from WishWishWish recently wrote a very important post regarding her own personal body image I liked it a lot, it really struck me because I personally struggle with my body image. 

Black is Back In Full Swing// A couple of years ago all I wore was black and now that I have finally introduced color into my wardrobe, I have to wear all black for my new job. So now I am on the lookout for black again! This swing dress from NastyGal is right up my alley.

Sweeet Dreams// After having such a busy week a bed like this looks dreamy..

Little Life Lessons//  Cute little list of helpful life tips from 
D E S I G N L O V E F E S T.

Funniest Video I Have Seen All Week// Everyone's humor is a little different but my friend and I really good long chuckle at this video, ( more like, slamming the table almost crying type of laughter because somehow, we really related to this poor kid). I hope you have a good laugh too. Everyone needs it. 

The Recipe For Creative Success// I often fancy reading blog posts like these to keep me inspired. A must read for creative types.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday and also enjoy a great Labor Day tomorrow! I will be back soon! See ya later!

- A 

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