Monday, September 15, 2014

MON//Lorac Pro Palette & Stila Eyes Are The Window Spirit Palette

Oh hey! Long time no see. 
I can't even begin to expla nin how hectic my life and schedule have been. Everything in my life has been in a transitional phase that seems never ending and turbulent. I have wanted so badly to come back on here and start turning out posts but so much of my time is consumed by school, work and self care in general, that the Bats & Rabbits blog has to be put on a shelf, awaiting for me to return when I can spare a moment. That is my shortest explanation for my recent absence. I apologize and I dearly hope I can sort out some things so that I can have a window of time to blog, because creating and sharing with you all, is what I really enjoy doing. 

Last month, I was itching to add some new eye shadow to my collection so I picked up two new eye shadow palettes. One I was keen on for some time, The Lorac Pro Palette, and the other was released rather recently and I couldn't get it off my mind once I had seen it which is Stila's newest "Eyes Are The Window Palettes" I grabbed the palette in "Spirit". 

Both palettes are just breathtaking..Just look at them! 

Now, both of these palettes have three things in common. They are neutral themed palettes with warmer tones. Also, they both have buttery soft shimmer and soft matte shades. Honestly, you can't go wrong with either one of these palettes they both have a similar shade range if your in the market. However, if you are more keen on that Stila palette you are gonna have to invest a hefty chunk of change for it. The palette costs roughly 50$ (crazy!) guess you really do pay for "dat packaging" its so pretty and so fancy looking I wonder if Iggy Azalea would write a song about it.. I got mine with at a discount by using a mall gift card I had gotten. ( I can enable myself very easily when it comes to makeup.) The Lorac Palette is slightly more reasonably priced at $42. Though, I also got this palette on a HSN deal where they were selling them for $22. Sadly, that deal is not going on anymore and I really apologize for that! But, it goes to show that holding off and being on the look out for deals can sometimes grant you the things you want, at the price you want. 

I fell in love with the Stila Spirit palette for its autumnal shades and the way they coordinated the colors instantly inspired me and helped me transition my mind towards fall looks and aesthetic. There are four "creamy shades" which seems a bit repetitive but they all are different. Being a former painting student I can aptly discern a difference in color. They threw in a beautiful garnet color which I gravitate towards every use and some useful brown shades for blending and a sneaky blue shade which I have not used yet, but it is pretty. These colors have nice pigment, soft to the touch and are very build-able and blend-able.

The Lorac Pro palette, is so heavily talked about and raved about and justly so, these colors are pig-men-ted. I barely have to touch and I have vivid color on my fingertip or brush. The packaging is light, thin and sleek, much like Apple products, which means...its very aesthetically appealing and easy to cart around with you when you travel. I am having so much fun with this palette! Creating looks feels so simple and easy. Just have a trusty blending brush with you like a MAC #217 and have at it. I love using "Lt. Bronze" all over the lid and in the inner corner and then pat on "Gold" in the center and blend out "Garnet" and the tiniest hint of "Espresso" in my crease and a hint of "Garnet" again underneath to even things out. I just feel like everyone that wears eye shadow needs this palette in their life! Its so versatile and handy. You. Can't. Do. Wrong. 

That about wraps it up for me on the eye shadow talk for today. Over all I highly recommend both palettes, they are equally gorgeous, however you might get a little more bang from the Lorac palette, simply because there is more shade selection. But, lets face it, when I wake up in the morning to Stila's new fancy packaging I think about writing my own song about it. 

What are your favorite eye shadow palettes? Let me know in the comments below! Also, if you care to see posts in particular from me that would be immensely helpful information to have. Thank you for your patience, I love you all so much and even my most stressful afternoons are lifted when I receive a comment on one of my posts saying you enjoyed it. I hope to be posting again soon! Until then I can be reached and followed through my social media icons in the sidebar. 

See you soon! ( Its a promise!) 
- A 

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  1. The things i'd do to get my hands on a Lorac pro palette. URGH, the are just SO beautiful!

    Would love it if you could check out my blog
    Candidly Chloe xx


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