Monday, November 24, 2014

MON// Monday Minute// Your Cure For Dry Winter Hands!

Good morning everyone! its been a little while but I am back to share a new little segment to the Bats & Rabbits blog that is called; Monday Minute, where I share with you a quick review, tip, product, etc.. Just a quick read to accompany your Monday morning I hope you enjoy.  

A Cure For Dry Hands You Say?

Yes friends, today I wanted to share with you a wonder product for when you are suffering with horrible, dry hands. Usually, I suffer particularly from dryness when winter arrives and when I feel my hands crying out for moisture I cry too because its a terrible, uncomfortable feeling! When I started work at The Bodyshop, one of the first products I was introduced to was their Hemp Hand Protector.  Ladies and gentlemen, this hand cream will change your dry hand life! (or maybe your life in general who knows?) and I am certainly not being paid to say this! 
This stuff is dermatologically tested for very, very dry skin and is made with Community Trade Hemp Seed Oil. It sinks into the skin instantly! and does not leave that annoying greasy feeling on your hands so long as you don't put a whole giant gob of it on- ( a little goes a long wayThis stuff repairs the hands skin moisture barrier, so that afterwards your skin is smooth and supple. This hand cream also contains Fair Trade Beeswax which acts as a barrier to seal in the moisture. Also, I find that I like this stuff because of its non offensive odor. I mean I like smelly stuff as much as the next gal but sometimes you can be over bombarded with smells. This stuff has a very earthy smell. Some people are put off by it but the scent does not linger which makes this very popular with those who work in the medical field and need something to cure their suffering hands while also keeping "perfumes" out of the office. The other great thing along with that is this product is great for men and women! 
I seriously cannot recommend this enough. Presently, as I was just typing out this post and my hands were feeling a bit dry so I went ahead and put some on and already I feel relieved. 
If you haven't tried this out I would highly encourage you to hop on over to your closest Body Shop and ask to sample this hand cream I don't think you will be disappointed. 

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Monday! See you soon!
- A 

The BodyShop Hemp Hand Protector 100ml - $20

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  1. I haven't actually used the Hemp hand cream but I have used the cranberry (which is my favourite) and the Honey one. I would totally agree with you though Body Shop hand creams are definitely worth a try because they're amazing.

    Hayley \\ CompassToGuide


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