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SUN : Life Update// Leaving Community College, Dealing With A "Learning Disorder", Moving to Wordpress and The Future

How is everyone doing?, its December if you couldn't already tell with the holiday cheer everywhere you turn. Its crazy how 2014 is almost done and dusted! Who agrees with me?
Amongst all the beauty related posts, I wanted to share with you all bits and pieces of whats going on in my life. As a blogger, part of that title that separates us from being a critic or journalist is that we are a bit more intimate with our audience and are open to sharing a lot more about ourselves. There are quite a lot of things going on in my life currently, lots of changes are about to happen one of which is directly related to this blog so if you are interested go ahead and keep on reading! 

Leaving Community College//

 My third year at Community College is coming to a close. It will also be my final year attending Community College. I have spoken lightly about my life at Community College but never really shared too much about how rocky it has been this entire way. Part of the reason why Community College has been so rough is that I struggle with a learning disability, one there is not enough knowledge about. Its called a "Non-Verbal Learning Disability" 
( In the most basic way possible, it means that I do not struggle with reading or speech but, in turn struggle with subjects like math and abstract reasoning/concepts. If people are curious I could try and write a more in depth post about it because each person's experience with a disability is different and very personal. Let me know.)   

I try not let my disability define me and bring me down even though dealing with it causes a lot of hardship. ( In fact I rarely tell people unless it is relevant to the conversation.) 
I know that in dealing with it I have had to become a stronger person, I have had to work harder, put more time in and exhaust myself to the bone just in order to make it through academically, but also emotionally as well because I also deal with an attention deficit, mild depression and anxiety. 

Do I wish I didn't deal with these things. Absolutely.
But, at the same time I know that if I didn't have to deal with these things I would not be the same person. I certainly would not have the giant amount of self awareness and sensitivity to self and the world around me, the same intuition, the same tenacity with life, etc. Its just the way it is and I have slightly gone off track, hopefully most of you are still with me if you are interested, again I think I will go more in depth with this in another post but back to leaving Community College- I was struggling with classes, the long commute alone was taking its toll on me, balancing my first real job and school at the same time, the list goes on but essentially by October I was done with college. I was miserable every single day and I just was not feeling myself at all. I felt like a empty shell that just drove and drove and then worked and worked and worked feeling very little enjoyment in anything ( and also resentment which is not a emotion I feel very often
I didn't see the worth staying at that school anymore 
( The way my credits were looking I would be at that Community College for a great while longer before finishing an two Associates Degree= not worth it in my mind.
It was either time to get the heck out and quit or change. 

And after a while, I decided on change

I believe a good lesson in life is that if you are truly unhappy where you are in life. Every single day. Do whatever you can in your power to change it for the better. 
There is this expectation that in life we have to do things that we don't like in order to get and achieve the things we do like. ( My dad calls this having to jump through rings of fire
 I believe this is true but, don't ever think that if you are stuck in a situation where you are spending everyday absolutely miserable, that it has to remain that way in order for things to change. You, my friends can be the change, you can initiate the change so that your life can be improved upon, so that you have a new path to walk onwards, so that that you can feel happy again. 
So now, after this semester is over I will be going to a different school in the spring. I will be attending the Harvard Extension Program in Boston with one of my closest friends in the world. We will be taking the train down to the campus twice a week and its all really exciting but also sort of intimidating! I am very hopeful that this change will be for the better. So far I am already pretty confident that it will be but, we won't really know truly until January when the spring semester arrives. 

The Bats & Rabbits Moving To Wordpress//

In the theme of "change" I also am announcing now that in the near(ish) future I will be moving The Bats & Rabbits blog over to Wordpress.
 This was a tough decision to make since using Blogger as a platform was where it all started. Being the sentimental person that I am I have become a little attached to this little webspace. I have put lots of time, effort and money into this blog and I am very proud of it. However, because I am proud of what I have established I decided that I wanted to show a little bit more seriousness. 

When I first started The Bats & Rabbits blog it was mainly due to a sudden impulse in the summer of 2012 after not being able to sleep the entire night. Back then, I saw it more as a hobby. Fast forward to 2014 now blogging is a big driving passion of mine with more dedication to this craft. There are so many aspects to blogging that I love. I love the creative outlet, talking about makeup and things, learning and trying out products to share with you guys, and connecting. I think that is really important to me. Connection changes the world especially since with connection, even through the internet defies the thinking that "millennials" are social shut ins. So moving forward I am reaching to higher plains, and aspiring towards more connection. 

I will make sure and let you all know right before I make the change. I hope you all will follow me there. 

So if you have made it this far I personally congratulate you and thank you. 
School is ending in the next week or so and that is when I will begin winter break. I hope to get a lot of content up for you all during that time. 
Thank you all, to the few who are here with me I am hopeful that you all will continue to enjoy the changes to this blog and that you will stick with me! Your support is everything! 

See you all soon! Please leave any comments, questions below or hit me up on my social media. 

xoxo- A 


  1. Wow this post was beautiful! Good luck with everything :)

    1. Thank you so much!! xoxo
      that means a lot to me.

  2. That's so great you've kept up with your blog for so long! I think sometimes I feel like I have nothing more to add but it really is such an amazing creative outlet like you said.

    Life can be a struggle sometimes but I think you have the right outlook, it does make people stronger.

    Hanh x | hanhabelle


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