Monday, December 22, 2014

GILDED// Favorite Gold Eyeshadows

Its the holiday season which means the onslaught of one of my favorite beauty trends, gold. eyeshadow. 
I love wearing gold eyeshadow year-round, its just one of those colors that I naturally gravitate towards. However, during the holiday season the color gold gets a lot of attention  due to its wide variety of glamour during holiday parties, out and about, depending on the shade of gold you use gold is perfect for the holiday/winter season. It adds a bit of warmth to these gloomy winter days and a glittering sparkle for the nights. 

Marc Jacobs " The Dreamer" Palette

This palette is a little on the pricey side but it comes with two gorgeous gold shades! One is a pale champagne gold which can be used as a wash all over the lid or a highlight. The other gold shade featured in this palette is a more yellow gold which can take centerstage on the lids or make a sneak peak for some added glamour. I think that all the other colors that come in this palette would complement a gold look and the quality of these shadows are amazing. So soft, pigmented and easily blended. 

MAC Amber Lights 

This gold is very deep and almost has a hint of bronze to it. It is also just stunning to look at as a color. Again, this shade looks great as a standout but I also think this color could make a gorgeous golden smoky eye paired with a medium and darker brown color. 

NARS Dual Intensity Himalaya 

This color is described as "shimmering topaz". Translate that to a medium golden bronze with a frosty sheen. Technically its not a true gold, but when I look at it and wear it, it complements so well with other gold shades and also bronze tones. I would classify this as a lovely addition of my "gilded" gold eyeshadow collection 

LORAC PRO Palette "Gold" 

Ah, my beloved Lorac Pro Palette. There is no mistaking what shade name I am about to feature here, Gold, no creative naming here! This shade is a deep gold and when swatched it actually does have a slight hint of bronze. If you have heard anything about these Lorac Pro Palettes you know that these shadows really pack a punch when it comes to pigmentation. I like using this color as a standout center shade, pairing it with a lighter "goldish" shade in this palette called Lt. Bronze in the inner part of the eye and placing darker or midtone browns in the crease. 

Naked Palette Half Baked 

 The ship for this palette set sail eons ago however I had seen it pop up and mentioned on a couple of my favorite blogs recently, took the bait and finally picked up the original Naked Palette. I am not reviewing the whole palette here, ( although, it is gorgeous and I don't know why I have not picked this up sooner). I am featuring specifically the shade dubbed ,"Half Baked" which is a pale gold shade. Not only does it coordinate well with all the rest of the shades in the palette but also with other eyeshadows that I have. I particularly loved pairing this shade with MAC's Cranberry eyeshadow for something really festive and pretty. (Side Note: I have been reaching for this shadow the most these past few weeks. I am really loving it!) 

Makeup Forever Artist Shadows I-662 Amber Brown 

This color may be named "amber brown" but essentially its a darker "antiqued" gold color and works rather well in the outer corners of the eye. These shadows are very smooth and very easy to blend. 

I love gold eyeshadows for the holiday and winter months. I feel it helps bring back a little bit of warmth back in contrast to the cold color scheme of the outdoors. What color eyeshadow do you like to wear during the holidays? Let me know in the comments below! 

I hope you all are having a great week so far! Christmas is this week! Very exciting! and then we will be saying farewell to 2014 and hello to 2015 (crazy)! See you all then! 

- A 


Marc Jacobs " The Dreamer" Palette 

MAC Amber Lights 

NARS Dual Intensity Himalaya 

LORAC Pro Palette 

Naked I Palette 

Makeup Forever Artist Shadow I-662 Amber Brown


  1. I got MAC's Amber Lights for Christmas and I love it! I used it yesterday! I'd love to include you in my favourite blogs of December post that will be up next month? Comment over on my blog if thats ok, merry christmas.

    1. Its such a beautiful color!
      and Thank you very much for wanting to include me in your favorite blogs in December. It made my day. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
      - Allegra


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