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Covering Your Bases // It Cosmetics Illuminating CC Cream Review

Hello everyone! 
 Today I am reviewing It Cosmetics Illuminating CC cream
There are a few of you who remember my last "Covering Your Bases" post which was all about the Hourglass Hyaluronic Skin Tint which I stills holds a top shelf space for foundations. I feel the need to disclaim that even though I might find a foundation that is amazing I am always searching to discover new products. That is what we are set out to do here in these Covering Your Bases posts. 

Disclaimers & Intros aside lets get down to reviewing the foundation/CC cream.. 

There is quite a bit of hype surrounding the original IT Cosmetics CC Cream and I thought about picking up that one. However, the Illumination version was a more recent release and caught my attention just a little bit more. 

Packaging// Design 

I really like the packaging of this product. It looks like just a normal tube but when you take the cap off there is a pump at the end. ( Hooray for pumps!!) Tube packaging can be annoying as you reach the end of the product much like toothpaste you can never seem to get that last drop out!. Why can't toothpaste have pump like packaging? ( Wouldn't that be convenient?) 
The tube has a slightly pink/holographic tinge to it making it look pretty cute and distinguishable from the original CC cream and the type face they used for "illumination" is quite cute, makes it quite appealing to look at.

Color Range // 

I think one of the cons for this product is its color range. Its not very large, only five shades. I had a tough time picking out my ideal shade. Between Fair and Light I ended up going with Light because Fair seemed too pale at the time ( even though I have a complexion of a ghost).
Overall, I find the shade Light to be an okay match for me however I do not know if I am alone on this, but the color almost has a dull/grayish tone to it and not as bright as I would like it.  To remedy this I tend to mix it in with a drop or two of the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops ( I am in the shade G20)  to brighten and make the color suit my skin more which seems to do the trick.

Application // 

This CC cream applies very smoothly onto the skin. You do not need to pump out a lot for the entire face since it spreads out very nicely. 
Much like the Hourglass Skin Tint I am fond of this has a thicker looking consistency but feels very light and weightless on skin. I still prefer using the Beauty Blender ( as my weapon of choice) which blends this product seamlessly into skin and does not take great amounts of effort either. 

Coverage // 

The selling point for me personally for this product is its contrast of "type" and "result". Typically, a CC cream or a BB cream type of base will only provide a sheer amount of coverage rarely reaching a medium coverage. This CC cream stands out from whats on the market because it touts its truthful CC cream name by having a weightlessness texture and improving skin tone, but provides medium to full coverage. Which is amazing to me and I really do appreciate that from this foundation. I really like having a full coverage base when I wear makeup, but its nice to have it not feel like I have a very full coverage sitting on top of my skin. 

Overall Thoughts// 

I am really happy I tried out this CC cream. As I watch all my favorite British youtubers in my subscription feed lately I have been seeing all their US beauty hauls all containing the original It Cosmetics CC cream. Its a very hot item right now and its always exciting to me to actually see what all the hype is about. To recap I really love the packaging for this product. I think the way it was designed makes it really easy to travel with and use daily without much fuss. I also really like the very light lemon scent it has which some people may not like but it does not last once it sets down. I appreciate the high coverage and the very dewy finish that is unique to the "Illumination" version of this product. I have read some complaints of there being glitter in this product but I personally haven't really noticed any excess of glitter and even so I would still like it anyway ( bring on the glitter!). Also, the high SPF factor of 50 ( with UVA and UVB) protection is pretty fantastic of them provide. My only beef with this product is the color selection. I think its pretty slim and difficult because the shades differ very dramatically from each other. I thought the shade Fair would be the one for me but it was so extremely pale and stark. The shade Light, the one I chose, although pretty good has this weird gray/dull tone to it that leads me to mix it with another product to make it match perfectly. Overall, I give this product a B+ it would have gotten an A if not for the color selection. Other than that, I am very pleased with everything about this product and I would recommend it to those who were possibly thinking about giving it a try. 

You can find It Cosmetics at Ulta ( Stores & Online) and also at QVC online. 

It Cosmetics Illumination CC Cream SPF 50++ $38 

I hope you all enjoyed your summer. It has been a very long time since I last posted which I will address more in my next post. I just really wanted to share this review with you all, it has been in my drafted posts for so long ( it was starting to collect dust and cobwebs). I would love to hear what products you are trying/and or loving at the moment in the comments below. 
 I hope you are all having a great week. I will be returning soon with more content. 
Until then! 
- A 

( This post is in no shape or form sponsored. If a post is sponsored or a product is sent to me links to the product will be marked with an *. I strive to always give my most genuine and honest opinion when reviewing products no matter what.) 

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