Monday, November 16, 2015

Some Beauty Picks For Autumn

Every year I become enraptured by the beauty of autumn. The swirling colorful leaves, the smells, the textures all around. There is a mood that autumn brings that is purely reflective. Nature makes us stop to look at it. How brilliant it can present itself before it all takes a rest for the winter. I love it all. 

Today, I thought I would share some of the beauty essentials I have used and loved so far this season. 

First of all I have a new foundation in rotation for the fall and winter months; The Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. A full review will be coming very soon! Stay tuned for that however, since it is in a favorites post I am sure you can guess that I like it quite a bit. 

 I have not been able to put down this MAC blush in the shade Ambering Rose. I used it in the last bit of summer as well, but this blush's time to shine is definitely in the fall/winter. It is this beautiful burnished rosy brown shade that just looks beautiful for this season. Moving on to eyeshadows I really had to narrow it down because not only do I love eyeshadow, I am a fiend for warm colors that really look great for this time of year. I am talking warm chocolate browns, burnished reds and coppers, brilliant and bright gold..etc. Two palettes that I have to share with you today is the good ol' Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and the Morphe 35O palette. The Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette is a really great classic that is chalk full of neutral, gorgeous shades with some fun shades thrown in there too that really make for a great fall look. Plus it smells heavenly! The other palette I wanted to mention has been immensely popular on the beauty community. And for good reason. For someone who loves warm shades this palette is absolute perfection, the colors are really pigmented and smooth and its also pretty affordable ( when it is available again). Morphe is a wonderfully affordable brand and if this palette is calling your name I would follow them on their social media because they do update when this palette comes back in stock. The other shadows I wanted to mention come from Makeup Geek Cosmetics, this is SUCH a lovely brand and if you haven't checked out their shadows I would highly encourage you to do so. All the shadows I have to mention today are from their foiled collection which are all a unique metallic finish. The first shade I have to share is probably my most favorite and it is called Magic Act and it is the most beautiful, bright white gold shade. This shade looks great in the inner corners of the eyes and as a center color as well. The next shade is called Untamed. I was drawn to it originally because the color reminded me of a jack o lanterns glowing smile. Its described as a bright coppery orange. I think this shade is really great for the fall time because of its warmth and orangey glow. The last shade I have to mention is Flamethrower which is a bright warm copper shade which I have loved throwing into the outer corner of the eyes to spice things up. 
The last product I have to mention for the eyes is a eyeliner pencil from NYX cosmetics, the Slide On Glide On Stay On And Definitely A Turn On Eye Pencil in Golden Bronze that name is sure a mouthful isn't it? but this pencil is a beauty. Stays on the waterline brilliantly and has vivid color. If you have blue eyes especially  you NEED to try out this color in Golden Bronze its beautiful! 
Next, lets move on to two lip favorites, the first being another NYX product. Their recently released Liquid Suede liquid lipsticks have a beautiful range of colors ( even a prussian gray color!) and the formula of these are great. They last a really long time and don't dry out the lips too much. I have the color Sandstorm to share with you which is the ever so popular browny nude color that I can't stay away from no matter what the season. I know not everyone is a fan of this kind of color but it is quite pretty. And the very last product I have to share is a lipstick from Maybelline in their Color Sensational Creamy Matte range. The color Divine Wine is perfect for the fall and also the winter. A true deepened dark vampy red that feels pretty comfortable on the lips and won't break the bank. The Maybelleine Matte range is definitely one to check out if you are into matte lipsticks and want something affordable. 

And thats it! a little variety of favorites that I have been enjoying this fall and will continue to enjoy throughout the winter season. I hope you enjoyed! Let me know of any of your autumn/winter beauty picks down in the comments below I would love to read them. Hope you all are having a great week so far! See you next time! 
- A 


  1. I loved this post and the photo you have taken! I've been so tempted for ages to buy some of the MUG eyeshadows and the ones you have chosen are gorgeous! I've also been after the 35O palette but I believe it's still out of stock which is a little annoying! I own the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette and I really want the original one that you have - I think I may have to splurge! :) xo

    Char |

  2. Your comment really made my day Charlotte, thank you so much. The MUG shadows are amazing I currently have their website tabbed up because I am really craving to try more shades of theirs. As far as the Morphe palette, yes its a bugger to get ahold of. When I saw it in stock a while back I was parked in a lot about to go to work and bought it while on my phone. Within another hour it was already sold out again. Crazy right?
    I heard the Semi Sweet is wonderful too. Too Faced is such an amazing brand they put out such addicting products! xo ~
    - A

  3. Ambering Rose and the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette both look so beautiful :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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