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Covering Your Bases // Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Hello all! 

As you might have seen in my previous post, I mentioned a new foundation that has entered my life that I have been quite enjoying. The Too Faced Born This Way Foundation ( trying desperately not to break out into the song with the same title while typing this..). This foundation has become a great little base for the autumn/fall season. The focus of very dewy and glowing sun kissed skin becomes a little more subdued in the Fall and Winter. Interests shift to more dramatic and glam looks for the eyes and lips. This is one of those foundations that is getting quite a bit of hype on the internet. I can't help it but be curious and really put it to the test to see if it lives up to the standard that has been created for it. After using it for two and a half months now I have a few thoughts to share about this product.

Lets get down the nitty gritty rundown shall we.. 

Packaging// Design 

Too Faced went with a slightly more traditional approach with their packaging for Born This Way with glass packaging and pump applicator. However, that never goes unappreciated. The pump is easy to use and does not dispense too much product. The frosted glass packaging is cute but may be difficult to travel with. The gold lettering used on the product is also a nice touch. Aside from it being glass I think Too Faced made great choices with its packaging by keeping it practical but also sticking to their cute branding which they are partly known for. 

Color Range// 

When first released there were12 shades starting from Porcelain described to suit fair skin with pink-neutral undertones to the shade Caramel described to suit deep/tan skin with neutral to golden undertones. There were quite a lot of people to be left out of the initial release who had very fair skin ( since the lightest shade still ran a bit dark) and also to those who have much deeper skin. Cries were heard and Too Faced answered by recently releasing two new paler shades; Snow and Pearl, and four new deeper shades; Mocha, Maple, Chestnut and Mahogany. I really appreciate that Too Faced brought out more shades so that more people are able to try and use this foundation. Just as I was typing up this review I was aware that you could only purchase new shades on Too but I am pleased to inform that now all 17 shades are up on Sephora's website. I am still unsure if they have hit the brick and mortar stores but still ( hooray!). Personally,  I find the shade Porcelain to be pretty satisfactory for me, though I am curious how the shade Pearl would suit me since I do fall slightly into the category of the "ghost skin" club. 


When pumped out into the hand this foundation appears to be on the thicker side, meaning it does not slip and slide quickly on the hand. When actually applied to the face you can already get a feel for the coverage but it applies very smoothly. As always when it comes to foundation I cannot stop using my trusty beauty blender. I barely remember the last time I used a brush for applying foundation. Not that a brush is bad, I just love the refreshing feeling of the beauty blender. When dampened with cool water and just pouncing the sponge onto the skin feels so nice. I do like to take my time to really blend this foundation in since it is a full coverage foundation but as I said before I find this foundation to apply really smoothly and easily onto the skin. On a second note this foundation also has no scent which may be good for more sensitive skin types. 


Now, as I have mentioned this foundation is a full coverage foundation so for those who prefer really light coverage will not suit this foundation. I do find that it can be build-able without looking too heavy. I have some acne scarring on my cheeks that are a bugger to cover up and one of the reasons I prefer a higher coverage foundation so I can smooth out the redness and texture that remains on my skin. After creating one layer I get pretty great coverage but I usually add a light second layer to those troubled areas. All of that only requires about a pump and a half of product.  

Overall Thoughts// 

My overall thoughts on this foundation. I think it has become a great staple for the fall and winter months. I would call the finish mostly matte ( but not flat and dry looking) and normally I prefer a more dewy finish, but thats when I pick up my powder highlighter and go to town. Of which anyone could certainly add a more glowy primer beforehand or liquid highlighter into the mix to also achieve a more glowing appearance ( like the new Becca Backlight Primer or one of their liquid illuminators for example). That aside my conclusions to this foundation are as follows : Its long lasting on the skin which is probably one of the bigger pros to this product with me and battling against winter skin. Scarves, environmental elements like wind and snow and cold make wearing certain foundations difficult as it tends to break down a lot more ( at least that is what I notice I am not quite sure why that is.) I have not yet seen how this will last during a blizzardy day but that day I am sure is quickly approaching being from New England. However, I have given it the "really long day at work test" and it passes with relatively high marks. When I get back in my car to go home or when I am on break I usually check to make sure I don't look like a hot mess with foundation breakage and or any other makeup mishaps. Foundation wise at least this one passes the grade by lasting on the skin without moving around too much at all. Second conclusion is that I think this foundation suits a nice and large audience. Its a crowd pleaser from its packaging to its performance  People want something that is going to look great/flawless without feeling heavy or mask like on the skin but  they want something that will last through a very long day without major touch ups. People want something with skin benefits and that isn't going to break them out. And they want something that can fit most skin types. I think that this foundation fits a lot of that. Because is is lighter weight on the skin, it is a great full coverage, it does last long throughout the day, it has coconut water infused in the formula to help hydrate the skin but is oil free which makes it less likely to cause breakouts. And I lastly I think with its edits in color selection and the formula it would suit a lot of skin types. If you are severely dry I might use a hydrating primer or mist. If you are severely oily I would use perhaps a bit of a mattifying primer where you find yourself most oily. 
The Too Faced Born This Way Foundation gets a high mark in my book I would recommend it if you happen to be in the market for a new foundation. Remember, you can always ask for a sample if you are close to a Sephora location. You can test out pretty much any foundation you may be slightly on the fence about before buying it full size.    
That about wraps it up for this review. I hope it was enjoyable/educational. If you have tried this foundation or have any other foundation recommendations  I would love to hear your thoughts down in the comments below, it would really make my day. 
I hope you all are having a great week and I will see you all soon! 
- A 

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