Thursday, April 14, 2016

Covering Your Bases // The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation

Hello lovelies, I have yet another Covering Your Bases post to share with you all today. Today I will be covering The Bodyshops new(ish) which is their Fresh Nude Foundation. If you want to know my thoughts on this foundation just keep on reading! 

Packaging//Design: The packaging for this product is nice and simple, minimalistic which I do enjoy quite a bit. It is glass so its something that you might have to be careful with when traveling but it isn't so huge and bulky. It has a pump dispenser which is always an added bonus and it dispenses nicely. 

Color Range//

This range comes with 16 shades. All of which have nature inspired names which is pretty neat and represents The Body Shop brand quite well. From the lightest shade, which I have with me today Chelsea Porcelain to the darkest shade which seems to be Tuscany Chesnut ( listed on the website). I really like that the shade range is nice and large to try and accommodate all skin tones. I always appreciate that. For me, miss pale princess the shade Chelsea Porcelain does me just fine. Normally, I like match best with a foundation that has a slightly more golden undertone however the next shade up in this particular range wasn't exactly cutting it for my skin so I stuck with the fairest shade which is a little more pink toned but so subtly so you can't really tell. I am pretty certain that one could find a pretty good match with this range due to its size and varying undertones. 


This is a very lightweight and refreshing feeling foundation. I think this must be due to some of its ingredients like aloevera and English rosewater. I think even though I love using my trusty beauty blender I would say this particular formulation is best applied with a brush due to the fact that it is a more sheer foundation you will get more coverage with a brush and also a sponge will suck up a lot of the product. 


On The Bodyshop website they describe the Fresh Nude foundation as having a semi-matte finish. I kindly disagree with that description and standby that this foundation gives more of a dewy finish when applied but, it does have an extremely natural look to it. Its not airbrushed or caked on it really mimics the look of freshly moisturized skin. On my dry skin that is a winning situation. On more oily skin this would have to be set with at least a little bit of powder. This foundation can be built up a little bit but know that you won't get it to a full coverage look on its own. At the most this product can get to is a semi medium coverage. It is meant to be light coverage. If your looking for heavy duty coverage I would either mix this with something or look to another foundation. 

Overall Thoughts//

Normally, I like a more full coverage, perfected skin look. I adore my Too Faced Born This Way foundation for that kind of look. However, for a day where I am not doing much, one where I really have to rush out the door and have little time for makeup this foundation is perfect. Its very quick to blend into the skin and because of the aloe-vera and rosewater it calms down any redness I may have making it not a priority to have a fuller coverage foundation anyways. It feels extremely fresh which makes it perfect for spring and summertime wear ( as long as you have a good facial SPF to go underneath for summertime). I think this foundation would be ideal for the minimal and natural makeup lover and also good for sensitive skin types. 

The price on this foundation is $25.00 which isn't too bad ( you are getting around 1 fluid ounce which is typical of a lot of foundations) plus, The Bodyshop offers good discounts from time to time especially if you are a member of the Love Your Body Card which will give you 10% off. 

Have you tried this foundation? what are your thoughts? let me know in the comments section I would really love to hear from you. 

That about wraps it up for my thoughts today!  
Hope you are all having a great week! 
See you soon 
- A 

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