Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Day To Myself and The Mustard House

Hello my dears!~

The other day I spent a whole day to myself.
I wrapped my crimson knit shawl closely to me to bear the misty outdoors.
First I traveled to an antiques shop.
( What a shock right?

Its called the Mustard House 
and it is in fact a delightfully deep mustard yellow color.

Whenever I enter this house I feel like I am entering a dream.
Every room is decorated head to toe with all sorts of beautiful treasures.

There are  scented candles and cloche jars and mini birdcages galore!
Lavender scented soaps, terrariums and furniture too.

I find this place so inspiring to me. I am so lucky its located close by!

You see my dream is to open a store much like this one.
An old house converted into an escape into a world of whimsical beauty.
With an tea house located in one of the rooms. Where you can sit and enjoy yourself
with a piping hot cup of cream tea with brown sugar cubes.

The other thing I love about the Mustard House is the household resident

The shopkeeper explained when I first visited the shop that Edna was very malnourished and sad
when she first showed up on the doorstep of the Mustard House.
She was meowing and crying to come in to keep safe from a torrential rainstorm and since that time long ago she is safe and very fat and so friendly.
Every time I see her I crouch down and give her nice cuddles.
I love her so much!

Back to my solitary afternoon! I ended up picking up an candle from the Mustard House.

When I opened it up I was transported to a late afternoon in a pumpkin patch

It was such a warm and comforting smell of wafting pumpkin and vanilla.
I kept it open and smelled it everywhere I went on my little outing.
I also love the cute packaging!
( I love packaging!~)

I went and shopped around a little.
Besides the candle I didn't buy any other products but I really did
enjoy wandering around on my own for a little bit with my own thoughts and independence to do what I wanted without the pressures, wants and needs of others.

I did contemplate getting materials to make my own candles because I see "how to make teacup candles"
diy tutorials around everywhere and I really want to make some!

Vintage Teacup Candles

DIY teacup candles
( Source: Pinterest) 
I think I will grab the materials soon and try it out!
It looks like so much fun!~

That night I went to dinner at Applebees with my best-friend.
( who has a super cute blog! : )

Our waitress was very nice to us and called us ladybugs!
and we ate quite heartily with even some molten chocolate cake at the end.
( Yum!!)

I hope you all have a great day my ladybugs and gentleman bugs!

( me sporting my autumn gypsy look! )

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