Saturday, July 27, 2013

Little Shopping Trip ~Show and Tell~

Hello my dears!

Had a pretty busy day yesterday.
Went on a little shopping trip with my best friend because she has been rifling through her closet
getting rid of everything she doesn't wear.
Consequently this means that there is very little for her to wear.
So off we went and I ended up picking out a couple things too :) 

Here is my little haul snapshot.
There are three things missing from it in the photo
One of the missing things is a crimson colored cardigan,( its missing in the photo because I was wearing it!)   The other missing things are some bat ornaments that my best friend gifted me after I got pooped on by a bird. (And I left them at her house)

but here is one of the bat ornaments!
its a happy, goofy bat!
and I love him~

Anyways, back to the haul, I would to call my hauls:
~Show and Tell Time~
That was always one my favorite activities to do in elementary school, always sharing with other people your treasures. It isn't so much bragging, just sharing and maybe even providing some inspiration or motivation to try something new that someone else has tried.

First thing I got was that "oxblood" knit shawl.
I got that from Target ( or as many people like to call it : Tarj'e) and it is very cozy and lovely.
I have been in a very autumnal mood and the "oxblood" color reminds of fall leaves!

The next item is a black circle skirt which I purchased from H&M
I think it's a nice basic and I since most of my wardrobe has dresses I thought it would be nice for a change.

I got some cosmetic items at Sephora too.
I decided to get a brow pencil.
from the brand Anastasia.
I got the color "brunette" because even though my hair is black my eyebrows are a bit lighter because my
natural hair color was brown.
(This product retails at 20$, ew, I know.)
It is really nice and easy to use. I had been testing it out in-store for a couple months before deciding
to pick it up to add it to my daily routine.
The other beauty product I got was a total impulse and it is the
Caudalie Beauty Elixir
It claims to be part toner- part serum/mist of essential plant based oils.
It is formulated to smooth and tighten the skin and provide an instant burst of radiance.
I must say it feels like a good buy. I got the smaller size and I have used it a couple times and not only does it feel glorious on a really hot day but my skin feels really soft after using it.
 ( Added plus: I think it smells pretty nice, pretty herbally)
( This product in it's small size retails for 18$)

The last little thing is a little raven with wires at its feet.

So I turned him into a ring~
I like him a lot.

I hope you guys are all having a grand week!~

- A

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