Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Fox and The Lone Ranger

Hello my dears.
As I was driving home this evening a fox jumped in front of me.
It was so graceful in it's decent and it was quite a tactful jump because it made it to the other side alive and well.
I have always loved foxes ever since I was a kid. 
I am not sure as to why. 


In story books foxes are almost always depicted as mean creatures.
However I never see them as being cruel.
I always just saw them as keen and cunning,
which they are.

Perhaps, we can learn a little from the fox and think about how we could become more keen
and try to hit the mark with our goals more often. 

I also had the pleasure of a little movie viewing.
The Lone Ranger
The lone ranger - johnny-depp Photo

A lot of critics have given low scores for the film but I disregard them entirely.
This film was wonderful.
It was entertaining and funny at times and had very good, well developed characters.
Johnny Depp will always prove to be the best when it comes to 
slightly off kilter characters.

Every time I finish watching a movie I feel entranced for the rest of the evening.
Feeling the urge to enter the world that the movie took place in and become one with the characters.

And though I feel this way. Deep down I don't think the wild west would have been
prime environment for me. With the heat, and outlaws ready to shoot you down to your death at any moment.

But it was a pretty fascinating time in history.
When railroads were being built in the west and the invention of the locomotive would change the world as we knew it back then.
And how we furthered our distrust with the indigenous people that lived there before us.
Which is quite tragic as well.

The only known authenticated photo of Billy the Kid

old western pictures | Old West

Indians, via Flickr.

( source: Pinterest)

The Lone Ranger, film, was also a wonderful tribute to the original radio show that my dad used to listen to when he was little.
Before television was invented and produced to the masses.
I can imagine how exciting it must have been to listen to the adventures of the Lone Ranger
with cracky slightly muted audio.
Inspiring many young little children to play out western adventures.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful day and week.
Only 100 days left until Halloween! ( my favorite holiday!)


- A 

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