Monday, July 22, 2013

The Fair and the Sunset

Hello my dears!
This Saturday on the 20th my town celebrates it's own establishment with a fair.
I try and make it every year. It's nothing too huge and over extravagant but I always enjoy a little bit of fair atmosphere and some fair food!

It was a scorcher that day. 
Yet I still insisted on wearing a blouse and stockings.
My logic is. Nothing is worse than when it is humid and your skin sticks to itself, so I opt for having more fabric. 

I think out of all "fair cuisuine" fried dough has got to be my favorite.

malasadas, portuguese fried dough
( source : Pinterest) 

I shared mine with a friend.
We dipped a brush in some butter and painted butter over the top and classically dusted the top with powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar. 
It was delicious!

We didn't do too much at the fair.
We mostly just ate and conversed with friends. 
And I took lots of photos, taking advantage of the beautiful light.

We went home earlier than previous years but it was perfect because when we drove back to my home there was a magnificent sunset.
Where by then in which I took some more pretty photos of my friends and myself.

Looking out into the field during a sunset gives me a very surreal feeling. 

The sky painting a majestic performance before the suns dance into the twilight.
I think it's my favorite time of the day.

There is something always dream-like about it and very reflective.
It always seems at sunset you do your most reflecting and thinking or dreaming to yourself.
Whether your riding in the car or sitting out on the porch or standing in the summers grass gazing out at the sun setting. 
You think about the day, your life the future...or nothing at all.
Your mind keeping blank for once, a little peace from your busy and muddled mind.

I hope you all will take some time during the sunset and reflect a little, 
dream a little. Let yourself go and rest. 

- A 

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