Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Ice-cream Girl

U scream ice cream and I scream ice cream...we all scream we want ice cream

Life got a little bit sweeter for me this week.
I finally got a job!!!!!!!
- throws some confetti-
I am working as an ice-cream girl at a local shop not too far where I live.

The place where I work there three businesses pushed into one place.
It's a gas station variety store, a computer repair and on the very end with twinkly lights is our little
ice-cream store. 
It has been pretty nice so far. 
These days are so slow for business though. 
So slow that while me and my co-worker wait for customers I brought my Addams Family complete DVD set to watch on my computer. 

Other than getting a job I also got sick!
10 Natural Cures For Kids And Parents With Colds

I have no idea where it came from but I am pretty miserable.

I am going to try and get myself well for this weekend when I go to my town's
local festival this weekend. 

I hope none of you are suffering from the common cold.
And that you are all staying cool in this heatwave everyone seems to be experiencing!

~ A

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