Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tunes From The Phonograph: July Edition

Hello my deers.
I would like to invite you to my phonograph.
The device was introduced in 1877 for the purpose of recording and reproduction of other 
sound recordings. This amazing invention was created by Mister Thomas Edison. The same fine gentlemen you have to thank for many revolutionizing inventions. For instance; the motion picture camera, vote recorder, electrical power and of course the long lasting, practical light bulb.
Anyway, I brought you here because I wanted to share some music with you.
This is some of the music I have been enjoying lately during the summertime. 
Take a listen. Perhaps it will be 
your cup of tea. :) 
( without further adieu) 

Artist: Laura Veirs
Song: July Flame
My best friend recently has been a great help directing me to great music that I love. 
This month she showed me this song by Laura Veirs and I subsequently became obsessed with the song.
I also found lots of her other music really enjoyable. This probably will not be the last time I speak about her. 

Artist: She and Him
Song : I've Got Your Number Son

I really love Zooey Dechannel, I must admit. She is too cute not to love and this song is just as cute 
and great for summertime travel :).

Artist: Stars
Song : Personal

I find this song to be great to listen when you are feeling a little mellow in the middle of a summer night.

Artist: Gene Autry
Song: Buttons and Bows

Super adorable old song! 

Artist : Fleet Foxes
Song : Blue Ridge Mountains

I have also been really digging this new band discovery this month. Their music has a really great 
feel to it. This song makes me want to run into a field and adventure somewhere distant.

Those are my five music picks for this month. 
If you enjoyed any of them or have any suggestions lemme know! 

- A 

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