Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Peculiar August Weather

Hello my dears~
We often have such a fascination and admiration for peculiar weather.
A dark storm flew quickly and quite violently over where I live today. 
As soon as it came everyone around scurried wherever was dry.
The rain came down hard like a million fingers tapping impatiently.
Though hard as it came, quickly it went away.

( photo source: Portland,Old Port Facebook Page

And granted us a wonderful and rare sight.
( same source

( my own photo, double rainbow, baby)

Often the month of August provides these strange fickle weather patterns. I don't really mind too much though because sometimes you get a rainbow out of it! 

I have a exciting post coming soon and I am anxious but excited to share it.

See you soon!
I hope your August days have been grand! 

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