Thursday, September 5, 2013

Collegiates in the Autumn Infancy.

Hello my dears~

It has been a while.
Aren't we all guilty of neglecting things we should be on top of?

Let's see, College has started for me.
I am about a week in now, just finishing my second week.

This semester I took mostly art classes, due to the fact last year, I was mainly focused on the Liberal Arts part of my degree. ( = All the Art History courses!) 
I have Painting and Drawing. Previously, I had 2D design also, but, since this first week I have decided to drop it. The professor and I were not going to go together well,much like
how you will never see cheese served with fish.

The two other classes are in the same studio with the same professor. 
One class after another and a large demanding work load to boot!
It was certainly not a smooth sail back into schooling.
In fact it has proven quite stressful for me.

School, has always somehow, been a struggle for me,
but, that is not what I want to get into today. 
That can be another topic, for another day my dear friends.

Thankfully, though school proves to be arduous, I have quite an anticipation for autumn.
As I commute to campus there is a tinge of yellow in the trees.
More retail stores magically transform into Halloween paradise.
Even tonight, the temperatures have dropped to 40 and I can feel the chill in my fingertips.
Autumn is falling, into place.
( see what I did there!) 

Back,to Halloween decor and goodies though! As I walk through the displays with all the spooky and cute decor I am taken back into a peaceful, gleeful state.
( At HomeGoods!)

I smile as big as you could carve into a jack-o-lantern.
I don't know how to describe how Halloween makes me feel in a short and sweet way.
Most people hold Christmas close to their heart but for me I hold Halloween a tid bit closer.
For me, its not about putting on a costume to pretend to be someone else for one night.
For me, its about embracing my soul, of a part of who I am on the inside.

So I go quite often when this season rolls around to all the places that carry these things and let my
imagination go wild. To let myself have fun and let my inner child out more than I normally would.
And also maybe hoard some things I don't need..
But love anyways.


( This is me and my new boyfriend. He loves to socialize.)

In the next couple days I will be going to the Victorian Fair!
What sort of fancy, frilly adventures will be in store?
Who knows!? I am excited to find out!
( The real question is...What on earth what will I wear?) 

See you next time my dears~

~ A

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