Monday, September 23, 2013

Mister Autumn

Hello my dears~
Today is the first day of Autumn.
As, I was taking a short drive around I felt as if everything had changed overnight.
Leaves, growing old and wise with age and departing into the wind. 
The air becoming crisp like fresh apples.
Pumpkins appearing like phantoms on every doorstep.

I walked in the door of my home and the kitchen was filled with the scent of apples, nutmeg and allspice. 
My father was making apple spice cake.
I scarfed it down happily enjoying the taste of fall on my tongue. 

I am going to try and take autumn in with all my might.
Relish in it before it blows by.

That being said I wanted to share an adventure I had with just myself the other day.
It was a most perfect autumnal feeling day. 
I decided to drive a short way to an apple orchard and 
had a glorious time just walking.

I hope this inspires you to relish in autumn.
Wear a scarf! 
Pull some boots on and crunch leaves beneath your feet.
Buy a pumpkin and carve a face!
Light some candles and bake a pie. 
Drink some spicy tea! or PUMPKIN FLAVORED EVERYTHING~
Go apple picking or 
just a walk through the orchard. 
Mister Autumn has come swirling in for a visit and he is quite warm and inviting. 
I don't know about you but I am going to cuddle up nice and warm next to Mister Autumn. 
I am quite fond of him.

~ A

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