Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hello November

Hello my dears,
It has been a little bit. 
A month has passed. It's November now. 
Does anyone else have those post Halloween blues?
I have a little bit of that. 

By the way! 

This, is what I looked like on Halloween!
I recycled a homemade straight-jacket outfit I made a while ago from two over-sized men's button downs. 
I can always pull off a last minute asylum inmate!
Halloween evening was rainy but I made the best of it among friends. 
I hope Halloween for you all was wonderful and spooktacular. 

It was about 15 degrees out this morning. 
That is pretty chilly!
Hello November!
I would much rather cycle through spring, autumn and summer and kinda skip winter all together.
Though there is something to be said for its beauty. 
Where I live though, winter lasts most of the year..

( A happy little "tea flower pot" I got today to keep me cheery through the colder months.

I hope to be coming up with more content. 
Eventually this blog will evolve and grow like most things you pour effort onto. 
Hope to talk with you soon. 
- A 

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