Wednesday, January 15, 2014

In The Comfort Zone

#makeup #wet&wild #comfortzone

#makeup #teacup #apothcary #wet&wild #comfortzone #girly

Welcome to 2014 my dears!
Who else is excited for a new year?
I know it has been kinda dead around here but I recently felt inspired to start again.
I am very passionate about blogging and would like to pursue further and try and make something I feel proud of. 
Now that's taken care of I wanted to start talking about makeup and beauty a little more. Which is why I am going to start in "The Comfort Zone!~ "
Meaning, The Comfort Zone eye shadow palette from Wet&Wild.
Recently, I have been binge watching beauty gurus on Youtube, which is a common activity of mine; late at night, driving, lazing around on a weekend. You betcha I am watching those beauty guru's!
Since watching I have discovered cult favorites all across the board and this palette is one of them. 
A couple years back I really loved the colors of this palette but I was never sure of the quality. So I never picked it up, assuming they would not be pigmented, powdery,etc.
I was so wrong. On so many levels.
These shadows feel like butter against your fingertips. 
The quality and texture is very comparable to Urban Decay quality shadows. 
plus this palette is like $4!

#makeup #swatches #comfortzone

The colors in this palette are mostly neutral shades with shimmery/frosted finishes.
The top two are champagne and taupe shades.
The next down are a rose-gold (ish) shade and a pretty mossy green.
Rose-gold is going to continue as a very popular color this year. I think its a gorgeous color for the eyes. 
The next duo are a light, silky brown and a black (with some green tone) with gold glitter. 
And the last two are a rich, chocolate brown with some shimmer and the most stunning, multifaceted shade. The best way to describe it is a cool grey with purple/reddy overtones. It changes with the lighting and I just really love this color for it's unique-ness! 

Overall, I gotta say that Wet&Wild has impressed me with this palette and I am definitely on the band-wagon, ( even though I am a bit late.) for this across the board favorite. 
If you try out this palette let me know your thoughts my dears~ I would like to hear your input and perhaps any other ideas for future posts you would like to see. 

Until then my dears!

- A 


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