Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Little Retail Therapy

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Recently, I have picked up a little of the shopping bug. It doesn't help that all the retail shops have been having great sales. The picture above does not even capture everything I have been collecting these past three weeks. Mostly,I have been making back and forth trips to Sephora. Eager, to try out new things in the beauty world so I can come back here and report back my thoughts.
I have also had pretty good luck with fashion. H&M and Forever 21 have been treating me well with pretty florals, cream colored blouses and those fancy pointed shoes.

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( scores at H&M! a cream blouse and a suspender skirt!)

We all need an excuse to go shopping right?
Besides the sales enticing me I also have had quite a stressful transition back to college as always.
It is always a uphill battle for me and has given me quite a lot of stress and tension.
Coping with a learning disability is no easy walk in the park, lemme tell you that.
There has been a lot of things in my life thrown into question.
Should I be doing what I planned to do with my college degree? Or do I have to try something else?
Now, I am going through my irrational fear stage in this "crisis"
" What will I think of myself? if I make this choice?" " Is this the right decision for me?"
" What is going to happen after all this?" 
" Which destination will I reach if I pick either or?"

It's all up in the air and I am stuck on the ground.
 There is nothing I can do instantly to make everything seem all better.
I have to go through this painful cycle of; pain, self doubt, anxiety, coping/acceptance, revelation/peace of mind. 
Though, at least I always have things I am working towards.
Including this blog. What I feel most passionate about right now.

I know I am not alone when it comes to self doubt in college.
Let me know your journey's and thoughts in the comments. I would really love to hear from you.

Also, I wanna hear any of your recent beauty or fashion purchases! Are they a favorite product of yours? Something new? I wanna know!

See you all soon!

- A


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