Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Show and Tell : Collective Haul


Whenever I see or watch a haul, my mind harks back to elementary school when we had show and tell. I think that was one of my favorite activities besides story time. I think we all like sharing a part of ourselves with others. The things we buy have reasoning behind them and are catered to our likes and personality. So, I see hauls as a very interesting and positive sharing experience. 

The weather gave us a nice, warm reprieve from snow storms this past weekend.
( aka : opportunity to get outside and also shop around!)

The first batch of things I got are shown in the picture above.

Boater Hat --- Forever 21
"Hipstery Glasses"--- Claires
Tokyo Milk Dark: La Vie La Mort Eau Du Parfaum --- Sephora

It's been a while since I have picked up accessories for myself 
I am pretty sure those glasses have changed my life! 
( I kid! I kid..)
I just really loved how they look on me. No matter how "hipstery" they look I just feel so good and cute in them. They are plastic lenses so they do get dirty quickly but I just never want to take them off my face!

#candles #bathandbodyworks #sweet #bakery #lace #haul #blogging

Not soon after, a trip was made to Bath and Body Works where I took advantage of their famous two for $22 deal. 

Raspberry Peach Macaron
Renew and Refresh 

( Just two more beautiful smelling beauties to add to my ever growing candle collection.) 

#clothing #spring #bunnies #f21 #croptop #fashion #cute
#shirt #cute #blogging #target #spring #bunnies

      And lastly, I got two fashion bits!
        These are new stretches for my wardrobe and I love             the two pieces together and separate.
    ( Also the burlap bunny garland is also new~ -- Target) 
    Navy Polka Dot Cropped Top --- Forever 21
 Grey Striped Button Up ---Target

The end of February is near. 
I can feel some spring like energy underneath the ground and in the air. Birds chirping, warmer winds and a bit more blue sky than normal.
Its all rather exciting!
Hurry up spring! 

I hope you are all doing well.
Have you made any recent and exciting purchases lately?
Let me know in the comments! I would love to hear from you.



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