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February Amo're : February Favorites

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This will be my first ever monthly favorites post! 
- throws confetti- 
The month of February is not my most favorite month of the year but at least its one step closer to spring!
( which happens to be a favorite.) 

Beauty and Skin Care:

My first favorite of this month has got to be my: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I made a lot of beauty discoveries at the beginning of this year and this product is probably my favorite. 
My skin this month has been absolutely rubbish! but, with this concealer, hardly anyone would know. It brightens and conceals everything! I wrote a full review on it here if you want to know more. The short of it is. This product, has become a holy grail in my makeup routine. 
#nars #makeup #blogging

My second favorite is a lip product from Revlon.
The Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Stain in the shade: Sultry 
I picked this up finally after doing the little dance of putting it into your shopping cart and taking it out five million times.
I am pleased to say that I really, really love this thing. 
Not just for the deep red color, or the slight minty tinge or ease of application. It's lasting power is what impresses me the most. I am a "lip pusher", when I am stressed or idle I tend to squeeze my lips together very tightly. That habit tends to lessen the longevity of my lipstick but this exceeds the life of a normal lipstick. Its great and affordable. 
Instant favorite!
#revlon #makeup #blogging

Third favorite of February is the Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer.
Yes, spray moisturizer. To some it may sound lazy.
To me, it sounds like one hell of a grand idea.
Whether the old furnace kicks in to keep me warm but in return makes my whole body feel like a desert or, when I hop out of the shower with fresh shaven legs only to itch them red afterwards. This product comes in to save the day.
I have the cocoa radiant scent and its heavenly. I would love to try the aloe-vera one when it starts to get hot! 

My fourth beauty favorite is the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. This brush was my first lovely introduction to the Real Techniques highly acclaimed brand and I was instantly pleased upon first use! 
Blends in foundation, concealer seamlessly. The brush is soft but dense. Makes me want to rush over to Ulta and buy the rest of their brush line. They are bloody brilliant. The girls of Pixiwoo really know their brushes! 


When I first started this blog I made large music posts featuring my music loves of the month. I kinda miss doing those posts but I would like to make them more efficient looking. Maybe having a playlist set up right on the post? 
I am not sure. It will be sorted with later, anyhow!
 A rather recent music discovery has changed my life. Which is why it got it self into my monthly favorites.

LULLATONE, where have you been all my life?
A couple, an american and a japanese woman living together in Nagoya started to make music together and created the magic that is Lullatone.
Lullatone, is that perfect, whimsical background music you always want playing in your everyday life. 
Its cheerful,happy and cute. That is something I need in my ears all day long.  I would normally pick a favorite track but, they are all my favorite. However, I will place here my most listened to album. 

Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures

Want more? 
Website ---- x
Bandcamp--- x

( You can also find them on Spotify!)


Heading in the direction of food I wanted to share with you a recent delicious snack discovery.

Always wanted to just have the top of a muffin without 
receiving actual muffin tops in return?
Now, they have that! In your grocery store organic section.

They are so delicious and filling! I like the chocolate ones because the curb my constant cravings for it. 
But here is the kicker.
They are only 100 calories each! 
(wow! amaze! ooh, ahh!) 

And that's all folks! 
My first ever favorites completed!
What have been your favorites this month?
Tell me in the comments below! I would love to hear from you. 

- A 

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