Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How To Enjoy Spring Break

Spring Break, a sweet phrase that rolls off your tongue smooth like honey.

An invitation to the sleeping soil to rise from underneath it's blanket of milky snow. A birds song to waken the earth from its long rest. 
However, unlike the rest of nature we do not rest too much during the winter months. In fact, its one of the busiest seasons!
 After the holidays we make our resolutions and attempt to march forward but, in the dead of winter it can be difficult to sludge through daily activities and life with flurries of snow and bitter cold freezing us in place and keeping us indoors.

During Spring Break, the hours have finally changed. We have been given more daylight hours to enjoy. So even if you decide that
during your break you want to take a day (or two) to sleep in a tad late you can worry less about waking up in darkness. 

- Take some time to appreciate sleep. We are all so busy all the time our sleep schedules get thrown for a loop sometimes. With one free week you can finally try getting your sleep schedule back on track.

For many, Spring Break is a frivolous time where one can escape on vacation. Run around in bathing suits and soak up some of that crucial vitamin D. However, not all of us have the means to go away on vacation during spring break so my suggestion would be to pretend for a day that you are on vacation.
Now, I don't mean pull on bathing suit and go run out into the snow pretending its sand. I simply mean that when you are on vacation you let loose. You have a balanced equation of trying new things and relaxing, doing the things you enjoy. 

- Have a make believe vacation! - Go to a clothing store. Coordinate and make outfits you would plan to wear during warmer weather. You are not required to buy anything. Jump into summery frock and throw on that large brimmed sunhat. Prepare your mind for sunny days ahead!

- Go to your favorite store and pick up one thing you have had your eye on. Its a memento of your vacation. 

- Stretch out in front of a window, make a smoothie and put on your favorite tunes and chill out.

- Take pictures of everything. On your vacation you will want to capture as many memories as possible! 

As bland as it may seem. Having a week free is a perfect time
to make needed appointments since you have little else going on.
This could be a health appointment or an appointment for a much needed haircut. Take this week for complete self care of yourself. 
You deserve it!

- You deserve to take time out of your day for better self care.
- Maybe you have been concerned about something in your life but have not had the time to address it till now. Take a step forward because you are important. 

Once spring has sprung we will all soon be looking towards summer. A great idea to pass some time is to make a summer bucket list. A list of all the things you want to do this summer. 
Happy Daydreaming!

You can do whatever you want on Spring Break. Its all up to the individual! I hope that all of you take advantage of this time and enjoy it! You deserve it!

Tell me in the comments: How you plan to enjoy spring break?

See you all soon~ Three cheers for spring!

         - A


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