Thursday, March 6, 2014

Product Review: The Balm Mary Lou Manizer

Hello my dears.
It feels like it has been a while, how have you been?
Life, as of late made me feel like I was floating in this bubble 
of bland. Everyday, I would come home from school, run upstairs to my bed and not come out unless I wanted food or tea. I was starting to feel a little of the depression demons kick up. I didn't want to do much of anything, talk to anyone or, do things I normally enjoy doing. Like, being on here with you for instance. 
But, I digress things are starting to lighten up a bit now 
I am feeling more inspired and my daydreams have kicked back into gear. I missed them so. 

Now, onto the review!
After following super-star blogger, Essiebutton for a little while you realize how dangerous her influence is on you!
I blame her for this slightly impulsive purchase but, like I imagined it is quite a beautiful product. 
I am very big on highlighter and highlighting products. 
I really enjoy that dewy skin look on me! So, I knew that this would be a product that would be very well loved.

I ordered this off of Amazon. They were having a deal so I got this for a bargain! ( awesome!)
After it arrived I used it immediately and went a little overboard because of how excited I was.
I was for some reason, under the impression that this product would be shimmery because of how it swatches on the hand. But no this highlighter is so beautifully milled so when applied to the face it creates a very reflective, glow from within effect. I even swipe this a tiny bit on my forehead and feel it gives the face a balanced glow.
It is just, gorgeous. I highly recommend that if you are in the market for a grand highlighter this, should be one to consider.


However,to photograph this was a little tricky.
This, was a portrait when I was headed to school. You can see the glow on the top of my cheekbone. Trust me, its much prettier in person!