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March Favorites 2014

march favorites

Hello my dears, it's that time again for my monthly favorites!
March seemed to fly by faster than February in my opinion and now we are going to be in April! wow! warm weather will be upon us in no time. Where I live I am just now noticing the first signs of greener looking grass and tiny little sprouts here and there. It's rather exciting!
Now, down to my favorites.
I don't have a ton of beauty favorites this month, only two are makeup related. 

  Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Amber Nectar
 A rather random impulse buy turned into a favorite this month. It's little rose pattern and pretty colors attracted my eye. When I gave it a try I really loved the instant warmth it gave. It's a trio of a highlight, bronzer and a peachy blush. It's really wonderful, plus a great introduction to Milani products in general. I mentioned this in my last post where I show my current daily makeup routine. X

Stila Single Eyeshadow -- Kitten
 Another product I mentioned in my makeup routine post. This eye-shadow is just amazing. Its a champagne with a tinge of rose gold. It looks amazing all over the lids and also on the brow bone for a bit of highlight. I just keep reaching for it. It's amazing!! 

Blender Cleanser Solid
This product was originally meant for the Beauty Blender sponge but I got it for my brushes. I know I am not the only one that just dreads the chore of cleaning makeup brushes it seems to take so long to wash all that gunk out. This "solid" bar of soap essentially makes cleaning brushes a breeze. It is sorcery! When my stippling brush is starting to look rather filthy I just swipe the brush around the soap,rinse with some water and WA LA! the brush looks bloody BRAND NEW! its remarkable. I highly recommend this product to be in your beauty arsenal. 


I suppose I should have counted skincare in the beauty favorites but I only have one skincare favorite this month;
First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream
Recently I discovered that instead of having oily combo skin I have more dry combo skin. Also due to some more drying products I have been using to treat my really bad skin demons. My skin was dying for some moisture so I decided to go with this based on a suggestion I got on instagram. I really like this product a lot. It is very soothing and almost has a light minty scent that cools down all angry face demons and keeps your face moisturized in the harsh wintry conditions. I think I want to try out more products from First Aid Beauty, if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments below! 
My next set of favorites are my random favorites for the month of March.
Bath&Body Works Raspberry Peach Macaron Candle
I really wish I had not caught the tail end of this line. I picked up the larger version of this candle and I became OBSESSED with its scent. When I used it up and went to get more they only had the mason jars of it left so I grabbed one and intend to hoard it and only smell it, not burn it. Unless they decide to bring this scent back which I was told that they most likely would not. :( But the scent of this candle is just heavenly: Sweet just like a macaron~

English Breakfast Tea
For the longest time my favorite at home tea was Bigelow's Caramel Chai and it still is. However, my grocery store decided it would be a grand idea to stop selling Caramel Chai in the store. In dismay I decided one day to  turn back to the traditional English Breakfast tea and I have really been enjoying it. It's hard to beat. I got that tea tin from a host family my sister and I were staying with when we last visited England. 

Ten Pound Kettlebell + Kettlebell Workouts 
Like many, one of my 2014 resolutions was to get healthy and fit and I have continued rather well on this goal. One thing I have been enjoying is the kettlebell. Its the perfect way to blend strength training in with some cardio workouts. That is one way to blast calories and get into shape. I was really impassioned to get on the kettlebell boat after reading this article from the FitSugar blog. X

 Rifle Paper Co Notebooks
Thanks to Instagram I have been exposed to beautiful designers such as the wife and husband team Anna and Nathan Bond that are Rifle Paper Co. After lusting over their beautiful designs I saw a pack of notebooks at Target. In no blink of an eye they were mine and I love them. Especially the green one because it is my favorite color. I love to jot down all my blog ideas and important lists they keep my jostled mind organized. 

And that is it folks! Tell me, what are your monthly favorites this month? 

See you next time! 
- A 


  1. I really want to try some First Aid Beauty skincare! Everyone's raving about them lately :P I've been loving a lot of different beauty products this month including Bioderma, Nuxe, Jouer etc :) x
    Ana xo

  2. That is what enticed me to get on the First Aid Beauty train! everyone has been buzzing about it! I have always wanted to try out the famous Bioderma brand and Jouer too. Following~ my dear :) x Thank you!

  3. That notebook looks so pretty, I love things with floral prints! x
    The layout of the pictures in this post is lovely :)

    Greetings from Hong Kong,

    1. Thank you! I love Rifle Paper Co and their notebooks. I might be obsessed with their botanical printed stuff! I am glad you like the layout. I am still learning what I think looks best! :)
      Greetings from Maine,
      Allegra x


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