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Face of The Day #FOTD : Current Makeup Routine

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Hello my dears. Today marks the first day of Spring!!1 I am so pleased that we have finally crossed out of Winter country. Now I expect to start feeling the warmer air wash over my cold skin and for flowers to start sprouting from their dirty beds. 
Today, I wanted to share my daily makeup routine with you all. It's bound to change since I am always experimenting with new products and have the desire to try new things when it comes to makeup. However, at the moment these products are my staples.

Base---- Sephora Collection: Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation

     I wrote a whole blog-post about this foundation: here. I REALLY love this foundation. I spray it directly on my face or onto my Real Techniques Stippling brush and blend right in. It's long wearing, the price is affordable and it makes my face look really good. I am using my second can of it now!

Concealer---- NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer 
   Another "holy grail" product in my routine is the famed NARS creamy concealer in the shade, Chantilly.( Because I am uber pale.) I also have written a full review on this product also!: here. I have very problematic skin: very blemish prone with some scarring etc. It's just a mess. However, this stuff just pleasantly covers all that up and gives me a bright, even complexion. 

Highlighter--- Mary-Lou-Manizer by The Balm 
 Review: here. Most beautiful champagne color! Gives the perfect glowing complexion.

Blush/Contour--- Milani Powder in Amber Nectar
 A very  recent purchase that I am very pleased with. This product is a combination of: highlight, blush and a bit of bronze as well. This blush drew me in mostly due to its beautiful embossed roses on the product and it's name. Doesn't Amber Nectar sound like something that is perfect for spring? I think so.

Brows--- Anatasia Brow Wiz in Brunette 
Cult favorite and for good reason. The retractable nib on this product is so tiny you have so much control over your brows to create natural or dramatic brows that never fade. Plus! the brow brush on the other end is handy as well. The only downside is the price however perfect brows seem worth it.

Eyeshadow--- Stila Single Eyeshadow in Kitten & The Wet n' Wild Comfort Zone palette

I had been wanting a beautiful champagne color for my lids so I could just swipe it on and head out the door in one easy swoop. I find that Stila's Kitten shade does the job in a beautiful way.
 I think everyone needs a good champagne eye-shadow shade in their makeup collection because it is so versatile and effortless.

As for the Comfort Zone palette. It was one of the first reviews I ever did on The Bats and Rabbits. Here. It's one of the best bang for your buck I have yet to try. As you can see I have done major damage to the pale champagne shade and also the copper shade. I love using the copper color for the outer edge and crease! 

Lips--- Revlon Matte Balms in Standout and Sultry
 I love wearing lipstick, don't get me wrong. However, something about the chubby lip pencils really gets me. Every blogger and their mother have talked about these brilliant matte balms by Revlon because they are perfect drugstore dupes for the Clinique Chubby Sticks and also the Tarte Matte Balms! I first got the shade, Standout,because I love wearing deep red lip products! In fact, when I got my second matte balm in the shade, Sultry it was a tiny step out of my comfort zone because in the past I exclusively only bought red lip products. Both, are beautiful and it makes me want to collect them all! 

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And that, my dears is the complete rundown of my current makeup 
routine. I hope all of you enjoy the first day of Spring!

P.S decal
Also! I finally bit the bullet and got a Twitter!
I never ever, ( ever) thought I would get a twitter but I knew I needed to cover all bases when it comes to communication to all my lovely dears. I am actually kind of enjoying it, albeit a tad confusing at times. I have added a "follow me on Twitter!" social media button at the top of the blog. Send me your tweets! I want to network!, get to know other bloggers and other readers! 

 Thank you! and see you next time! 


- A 


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