Monday, April 7, 2014

Show and Tell: Collective Haul! VIB Sephora Sale! + More

Hello my dears, its been a little bit hasn't it. Life has been pretty busy lately its been a challenge to get back into the gear. However, I think its safe to say that we have made it into spring!
( whoo hoo!!!)
I have been quite the shopping bug recently, hoarding things left in right. With the current VIB Sephora 15% sale going on I kicked my heels in glee. Because I had just landed VIB status about a week before the sale started. I spent quite a while eyeing up products and contemplating. I only managed to pick up three things but before the sale is over I might go in for one more hit. However, I was pretty chuffed with what I did pick up and I am exited to show and tell you about what I got.
Let's get started!

---Naked Three Palette
After being one in many desiring to own this palette. The latest edition to the Urban Decay Naked Palette's I decided to bite the bullet and grab it while I could get it at a reduced price since it is so hefty at $52 normal price. It was between this or the Lorac Pro Palette ( that is regrettably not sold at my Sephora or online at this time..) So I came home with this in my little Sephora bag and I am really happy with it. Out of all three of the Naked palettes, this was the one that intrigued me most with its beautiful romantic rose gold themed eyeshadow tones. I am sure all of you have seen this and talked about to death so I won't go on. But it was probably the most exciting purchase I made. 

---Sephora Lip Stain in the shade Red Essence
I am not sure which blogger spoke of it but I am positive I picked this up due to a bloggers influence. ( Like that is of any surprise.)Though when I was swatching these new lip stains from Sephora I was pretty impressed with the color payoff and how it feels on the lips. I picked the shade Red Essence but I am always on the quest for nice very deep red shades. It's almost my comfort zone to wear red. An odd observation you might find with this lip stain is its scent. It reminds me of a pool, its not too offensive, just odd. But not to worry! the scent does not linger.  
--- Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm 
Actually when I was in the store searching of what I wanted I spent the majority of my time browsing through skincare. With my skin embarrassingly bad as it is I have been wanting to try out anything I can ( with proper research) that might work for me. With that in mind I decided to pick this cleansing balm up by Clinque seeing as it was affordable and I have been wanting to jump onto the balm train. After trying it out a couple times I am not sure how I feel about it. It is supposed to take all of your makeup off while not over-drying the skin. But even after I have cleansed and wiped my face multiple times with a hot cloth I still find lots of makeup residue on my face which I find kind of annoying. Perhaps I should have gone with the Ren Rosa Cleansing Balm instead. If you guys have any tips on using this cleansing balm let me know!  

--- * Free Sephora Makeup Bag 
 Not much to say here but with my purchases I also received a free makeup bag. Pretty cute right?

--- It's A Ten Miracle Shine Spray
After my little trip I also stopped at Target for something and also ended up coming out with this hair product because my hair stylist usually uses this on me as a finishing touch. It smells amazing and unlike other shine sprays I have used it does not make my hair look greasy, nor does it feel heavy. I like it so far! 

On a completely separate shopping trip I picked up two clothing items, a nail varnish and a little travel perfume set from NEST fragrances.

--- High-Waist Black Skater Skirt - Forever 21
Was in desperate need for another black skater skirt. Its a big staple in my wardrobe and due to some weight loss recently my trusty one from H&M is getting a little big. The skirt I picked up from F21 was really affordable no more than 12.50 and came in a couple different colors. I have already worn it to death. It's just one of those things.

--- Navy Striped Bodysuit- Forever 21
I was browsing around Pinterest and I kept seeing a picture of a girl wearing a low back navy striped body suit with some shorts and a boater hat. I thought it was so cute and I knew I had seen similar bodysuits at F21 so when I went besides the skater skirt hunt I also sought after a striped bodysuit and in no time I was able to locate one. I REALLY love this clothing piece. Although it makes going to the restroom a larger hassle than necessary... I love the way this piece showcases my collar bones and my petite shoulders. Super cute! 

--- Nails Inc. Gel Effect Porechester Sq. 
Yet another thing on my never ending "want to buy" list was this polish. A beautiful neutral color that is a "greige" ( grey/beige) with a hint of purple. After application this nail polish has lasted longer than any other nail polish I applied by myself and that is a testament because it seems no matter what I do whenever I paint my nails the same day I manage to warp them or chip them WITHOUT FAIL. So this polish is definitely exceeding my standards. 

--- NEST Fragrance Midnight Fleur Mini Set 
Want the big bottle of this perfume because the scent is just amazing but was too chicken to spend that much so I got this little mini set. The hand cream is very nice and just as good smelling as the perfume. I wish the scent of the perfume lasted longer on my skin though! It seems to fade away with time which is sad but I will still enjoy using it and smelling it... a lot! 

   --- Hand Lettering Ledger by Mary Kate McDevitt 
A bit of a random thing to haul but it was recent purchase that I am really in love with. I saw this after a college trip to the Portland Art Museum in the gift shop. Even though I live so close to Portland and have gone to the museum often I have never really realized the cool stuff they offer at the giftshop! This book caught my eye because I want to get into more illustrative works and such and really wanted to learn some hand lettering techniques because its so cool and really beautiful! I hope that maybe I can incorporate some of my designs into the blog at some point! Wouldn't that be cool! 

I apologize again for getting so behind! I guess all and all it harms me in the end. Its a constant kick in the butt to stay on top of everything! I hope I can kick myself into gear. I hardly can get a handle on Twitter either. It's all a big learning lesson right! Just gotta enjoy the journey because that is how you get somewhere. 

- A 

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