Sunday, May 18, 2014

S U N// Let It Grow

The school semester has finally ended. 
I am finding that its still sinking in that no longer do I have to dread waking up in the morning, often late, drive to school, find a parking spot, scramble with assignments, etc. Every morning lately as I get dressed I find myself pausing for a unmeasured time remembering that I am done. 

 It is finally summer vacation. I find that my surroundings reflect my mood. The earth is alive and vibrant again, free to grow and flourish. 
I have always been a free-spirit since childhood. I feel at my happiest when I am free to choose my own undertakings. 
Summer, traditionally represents freedom. Where you have limitless opportunities to roam and also opportunities to stop to smell the flowers. 
There are lots of exciting things happening this summer the first of which tops the list. My best friend and I are going on a trip to CALIFORNIA!

It will be my first time traveling practically on my own. Pretty scary! But I know its going to be totally worth it. I have always been kind of timid when it comes to travel but now a days I am feeling more opportunistic. Traveling, can change your whole perspective on things and really help you grow as a person.  
I foresee a lot of growing this summer. With my blog, my skill sets, my experiences and my willingness to go out and seize the day! 

Alright,(alright!) enough of the mush.

I suspect that graduation season has me    feeling a little sentimental about people's personal growth and transition. 
I have been spending all weekend celebrating my sister's graduation from law school. My healthy eating flew out the window for a little while, but party calories don't count right?! of course right. 
( In all seriousness I am extremely proud of my older sister. She has done such a great job! Congrats sistor!  
 This week I am in rushed preparation for my own little shindig celebrating my 21st birthday among friends. Its going to be a lighthearted, whimsical garden party. I hope to share with you more of the setting up pictures of the actual event throughout the week. I hope you are all doing well and if you are going to be a graduate or a loved one is I send my congrats to both. 

Tell me your plans for the summer! I would be very interested in hearing what all of you are up to! (not to be nosy or anything.)
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See you all later! 

Happy Sunday! 
- A 

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