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SAT// Makeup Forever Artist Shadows

Hello everyone! its the weekend and next week we will be wrapping up the month of October. ( Now isn't that a frightening thought.) The days are getting shorter, and darker and all and all just a little bleak/depressing. I suppose that could be one reason why people get real jazzed up over the holidays. It gives us all something to look forward to in these upcoming dark, cold months. I for one, am not a big fan of winter. But, you know what I am a big fan of? Makeup (Big shocker there huh?.), especially eye shadow. I can't seem to get enough eye shadows lately, I feel as though that is where you can get most creative with your makeup. Makeup, can be looked at in some ways as an art form which is why the relatively new release from Makeup Forever is very exciting,  suitably called their; Makeup Forever Artist Shadows- With over 200 eye shadow shades to choose from in this range you can really be an artist with your eye shadow and choose your personal palette! ( Though choosing colors can, truly, be an endless process of deciding) 


The packaging of these products is a little unique due to the  fact that you get to create your own custom palette, therefore the eye shadow pans are separate from the packaging until you choose one. Makeup Forever provides you with three options for a palette case. A mono, duo or trio. All of which have a magnetic bottom so you can easily *plop* your shadows in there and they will stay, until perhaps you get the itch to change up the colors. That is when you can take a safety pin needle and stick it in a little pinhole on the bottom of the palette and out will come the eye shadow. Easy as that!  ( Note: Amazing for travel!) The look of the palette cases themselves are not too fancy and primarily just serve a utilitarian purpose of holding the goodies inside. 


I already spoke of the ridiculous number of shades to choose from and if you didn't catch that bit there are over 200 colors to choose from. (*heavy breathing commences*) The colors I chose (after much debate, humming and hawing) were themed towards a very autumnal vibe. When you are in the store all the shades are labeled with a code starting with a letter which corresponds to the texture of that shadow. 
( M-Matte, D- Diamond, S- Satin, ME- Metallic, I- Iridescent)  If you are looking for shade names you can find those on the Sephora website. The colors I chose were:
 D- 826 Fig 
 I- 736 Copper Red
 I- 662 Amber Brown

The pigmentation of these shadows are so amazing, supposedly this is due to a breakthrough gel to powder formulation. These shadows are so soft and creamy and most notably they are soooo easy to blend. I feel as though if you were just starting out with makeup you could use just one of these shadows and be spoiled with its seamless, dreamlike blend-ability, you don't even really have to use a brush! You can use your fingers just fine to blend these fella's out. 

Overall Thoughts 

I feel as though Makeup Forever really won me over with this release. It appeals to a extensively wide audience. Whether you are just the everyday person starting out with makeup and wish to play with amazing and easy to blend colors or if you are a makeup artist/enthusiast and have essentially a world of colors and finishes at your fingertips. The price range varies depending on whether you go for a trio, duo or a single : A single shadow is priced at $21 and the eye shadow pans are big, you are certainly getting your money's worth. My only complaint would be its too hard to choose which ones you want first! 

Have you guys seen or tried the Artist Shadows from Makeup Forever? What are your thoughts on them? 

I also know I have been doing a lot of makeup reviews here on the Bats & Rabbits blog. My life has been a little too hectic to manage much else at the moment but, if any of you have ideas for blog posts or things you would like to see me talk about, please let me know I really value your opinions and ideas. 

I hope you all are having a great day. You all should expect to see another post up tomorrow! ( Trying to get the ball rolling here!)  See you soon! 

- A 


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